BYD’s Energy Storage Solution CUBE T28 Has Delivered More Than 1.6GWh of Electricity in North American Market

published: 2022-06-13 9:30 | editor: | category: News

The WeChat account of Chinese multinational BYD posted a statement on May 30 saying that its grid-scale energy storage solution CUBE T28 has supplied more than 1.6GWh of electricity in the North American market so far this year. The CUBE T28 was adopted for some of the first utility-scale integrated PV and storage projects in North America. Currently, these projects have all successfully advanced from trial operation to commercial operation. BYD’s statement was first picked up by other financial news outlets.

The CUBE T28 was developed in-house by BYD in 2019. It is the first energy storage solution from a Chinese company that has obtained the UL9540A certification for evaluating the technological capability of a grid-scale energy storage system to minimize the risk of thermal runaway. The amount of orders for the CUBE T28 immediately following its launch came to more than 800MWh.

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