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First Floating Wind Farm, Formosa 5, Passes Preliminary Environmental Impact Review

published: 2022-07-12 9:30

The "Offshore Wind Power Taiwan Team", a joint venture established by SRE, Tienli Offshore Wind, Yeong Guan Energy, and J&V Energy, announced on the 8th that "Formosa 5 Offshore Wind Power" passed the preliminary review of the Environmental Protection Agency's task force, becoming the first floating wind farm to obtain third-stage block development qualification.

"Formosa 5 Offshore Wind Power" is located off the coast of Houlong Township, Miaoli, 20 kilometers from shore, with an area of about 157 square kilometers and a water depth of 65-80 meters. The capacity of a single wind turbine is between 9.5MW and 20MW. Installation capacity can reach 1536MW. After obtaining the relevant government license, it is expected to enter commercial transfer after completion, and provide electricity for nearly one million households per year.

In view of the fact that there is no precedent for floating wind farms in Taiwan, the development team expresses sincere gratitude to the EIA committee for their affirmation and also hopes that with the "Formosa 5 Offshore Wind Power" obtaining business selection tickets, it can expected to promote local development in the future. The development of the industrial chain will keep relevant core technologies in Taiwan.

Different from offshore wind farms with fixed infrastructure, floating wind farms use floating underwater foundation platforms, which are suitable for areas with a water depth of more than 50 meters and can help reduce piling and reduce noise and construction hazards to the marine environment. The ability of floating platforms and wind turbines to be assembled onshore also reduces offshore construction risks and saves time for the installation of underwater foundations. During the review process, the development team also actively committed to planning the most environmentally friendly engineering design.

Anna Su, CEO of Shangwei New Energy (SRE), said that as an offshore wind power development team formed as a joint venture and alliance of local companies, the Offshore Wind Power Taiwan Team will fully grasp the opportunities of floating wind farm development and promote and establish floating wind farms in Taiwan through wind farm planning. The industrial supply chain of wind farms will keep forward-looking core technologies in Taiwan and will have more opportunities to enter the international market in the future, so that Taiwan's offshore wind power industry will continue to be at the forefront of trends.


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