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Authorization on Mass Production for Lithium Battery Materials! Aleees Signs MOU with ICL

published: 2022-07-12 9:30

Aleees and the Israel Chemicals Limited (ICL) announced today that both parties had signed a MOU on May 17th this year, for which the former authorizes the latter with patents and mass production technology regarding lithium battery materials such as LFP and LFMP, in order to accelerate the development for cathode materials for the US.

The MOU asks ICL to establish production lines for 30K tons of cathode materials used for LFP batteries at the manufacturing park in St. Louis, followed by additional capacity in the future. The global R&D center of ICL is also situated at the same location.

Philip Brown, President of ICL Phosphate Specialties and Managing Director of the North America division, commented, “We are looking forward to working with Aleees, a leading provider of LFP technology, who has acquired abundance of client resources in Japan, South Korean, Europe, and the US.” Brown also commented that ICL is delighted to be able to establish a localized and sustainable supply chain for LFP battery materials for US clients, which lowers the risks for US enterprises from having to rely on overseas provision of LFP materials.

Edward Chang, President of Aleees, commented that the global energy storage market and evidently shifted to LFP batteries, with a thriving level of demand coming from European, American, and Asian clients, and future market demand will exceed 170K tons, before surpassing 500K tons by 2028.

Chang pointed out that Aleees, in order to reinforce the European and American lithium battery supply chain, as well as fulfill major global lithium battery clients’ safety requirements for the local European and American supply chain, will authorize patents and transfer mass production technology to ICL, such as LFP and LFMP lithium battery materials that include precursors.

 (Cover photo source: Aleees)

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