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AUO Announced an Increase of CapEx Budget to NT$3.993 Billion to Optimize Capacity and Establish Solar Power Plants

published: 2022-07-27 9:30

AUO’s board of directors announced today (27th) that it has approved an increase of NT$3.993 billion in the budget of Capex, which would be primarily used for the optimization, adjustments, and establishment of corresponding technology and capacity, as well as the establishment of solar power plants.

According AUO’s official announcement, the increase of NT$3.993 billion in the budget of CapEx would come from cash generated from operations. The implementation of this particular CapEx budget will be flexibly adjusted according to client needs and market status, and the actual sum of payment will be decided on the implementation progress and payment conditions. Under consolidated financial statements, AUO had paid NT$8.39 billion for fixed assets between January and March in 2022.

In addition, AUO also announced that that company is considering on participating in subscribing the FPO of Daping Green Energy, with a total sum of no more than NT$1.203 billion, and can be invested either in one go or batches. Accumulated securities from the transaction (including this transaction) cannot exceed 48.7 million shares, and the sum cannot exceed NT$1.69 billion.

AUO also announced on behalf of its subsidiary Daping Green Energy that solar power-generating equipment and engineering were acquired from the former at a total transaction sum of NT$1.63 billion.

 (Cover photo source: AUO)

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