HD Renewable Energy Aims to Transmit First Batch of Solar Power back to Taiwan through Taipeng Submarine Cable by the End of 2022

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HD Renewable Energy hosted the groundbreaking ceremony for a solar farm in Penghu today (5th), which is not only the first solar farm on an outlying island for the company, but also makes HD Renewable Energy the first local energy company in transmitting green electricity back to Taiwan’s main island using the Taipeng submarine cable.

HD Renewable Energy had started planning for over 30 hectares of land consolidation in Penghu several years ago, and invests in Star Power Energy that is co-established by Taiwan Life, TransGlobe, and AcBel Polytech. As the consolidation is the first case of transmitting green electricity back to Taiwan’s main island through the Taipeng submarine cable, Lai Feng-wei, magistrate of Penghu County, Liu Chen Zhao-ling, Speaker of the Penghu County Council, and Chen Ching-ping, Director of TPC’s Penghu Sales Division, were all present at the ceremony, and strive to march towards low-carbon development in Penghu.

Penghu has been marching towards the goal of green energy and low carbon since 2011. The outlying island was ranked among the top 6 areas with the densest solar installations by the end of 2021, and has now accumulated 15MW of solar capacity. Penghu is expected to become a 100% green energy island by 2025. HD Renewable Energy joined hands with Penghu County Government and unveiled the first outlying solar farm today, with two additional farms scheduled for successive construction during the second half of the year. The completion of all three farms is expected to provide nearly 30MW of green electricity, which accounts for 20% of Penghu’s overall power generation. Seeing how Taiwan’s main island has been breaking records in power consumption, this batch of green electricity will also be transmitted back to the main island through the Taipeng submarine cable in order to offer more abundance sources of green power.

Hsieh Yuan-yi, Chairman of HD Renewable Energy, commented that the renewable energy industry not only expedites Penghu’s green energy target, but also revitalizes local land utilization and introduces new opportunities in economic development, and that HD Renewable Energy will also continue to expand its solar territory, as well as attain its corporate vision of “obtainable smart green energy”, by providing sufficient green electricity alongside energy storage and power sales.

Targeting at the potential of renewable energy, HD Renewable Energy joined hands with Taiwan Life, TransGlobe, and AcBel Polytech in forming Star Power Energy, and carry on in expanding establishment of solar farms in Taiwan, with the solar farm in Penghu mentioned this time being one of the solar farms invested by the alliance. Chou Shi-chang, General Manager of HD Renewable Energy, mentioned that this Penghu solar farm is scheduled for completion and grid connection at the end of the year, and will be transmitting green electricity back to Taiwan’s main island through the Taipeng submarine cable then, making it not only the first time that green electricity is being transmitting to the main island, but also marking an important milestone for the Taipeng submarine cable since its operation last year.

Chen Ching-ping, Director of TPC’s Penghu Sales Division, commented that the Taipeng submarine cable that took 16 years in preparation aims to provide more stable power for outlying islands, and not only has the cable attained its initial target, but also now shoulders the responsibility of transmitting green electricity by contributing to Taiwan’s increasing demand for green power.

HD Renewable Energy, while carrying on with its deployment in renewable energy, is also investing in the cultivation of energy talents and the promotion of energy education. With the Penghu solar farm commencing construction, HD Renewable Energy is also offering university students with intern opportunities that would help them accumulate practical experience coincide with the industry in advance. Students from the National Penghu University of Science and Technology have now joined the program. Simultaneously, HD Renewable Energy is also inviting Formosa 3D to come to Penghu and provide doctrines on Taiwan’s next generation energy education through the solar panels installed on the roof of the mobile theater.

 (Cover photo source: HD Renewable Energy)

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