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Seetel Joins Hands with Schneider Electric on One-Stop Digital Energy Storage and Conservation Solutions

published: 2023-03-23 9:30

Amendment of environmental protection regulations, as well as the challenge of power supply stability, and electricity price hikes in 2022 and 2023, have all elevated business costs, and highlight that the deployment of energy transformation is now exceedingly urgent, thus bringing a new wave of energy management opportunities such as energy storage and energy saving. Seetel New Energy has teamed up with Schneider Electric to provide enterprises with profoundly customized energy solutions.

By concatenating Schneider Electric’s industrial IoT hardware (programmable logic/motion controller Modicon M262, advanced metering/meter PowerLogic ION9000), graphical SCADA monitoring system BLUE Open Studio (B.O.S.), and connected control platform EcoStruxure™ Power Monitoring Expert, Seetel takes advantage of Schneider Electric's advanced IoT technology, as well as the latter’s stable software and hardware ecosystems, in order to provide the industry with one-stop energy solutions that are flexible, efficient, effective and secure.

Seetel is a startup of batter technology integration and energy system applications. The company offers tailored designs and production of battery systems, and provides one-stop services for energy storage systems ranging from source development to planning, procurement, establishment, and equipment maintenance of turnkey projects, with application fields covering grid-connected energy storage plants (auxiliary service from TPC), demand from large power users, RE100 businesses, as well as architecture and various energy storage demand. Seetel has also been actively incorporating building information modeling (BIM) recently, and seeking self-improvement through constant exchanges and alliances with different industries.

In response to the market's customization demands, Seetel does not respond to all projects with a single system, but focuses on configuring corresponding equipment and planning overall systems in a timely and appropriate manner for different enterprises. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of the owners, design and deployment are completed quickly within a limited time, and real-time technical services are provided to ensure that energy solutions are in line with construction schedules of projects in order to facilitate unimpeded operation. Seetel initially planned to develop its own software and hardware, but realized that a lot of time and energy had to be put into the preliminary phase that comprises of procedures including obtaining security certification, establishing reputation, and locating funding resources, which impose great challenges for the restricted ability and resources of startups. This is why Seetel chose to cooperate with Schneider Electric.

Chen Bo-hsuan, General Manager of Seetel, expressed that the company is optimistic towards a robust development in energy management such as energy storage and conservation amidst energy scarcity and the green transformation tendency among businesses. Chen further stated that energy management services must be safe, precise, and instantaneous, which is why they highly value performance and stability of products.

 (Cover photo source: Flickr/Robert Borden CC BY 2.0)

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