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HDRE, TPK, and SEEC Teamed up for Energy Storage Development

published: 2023-06-08 9:30

HD Renewable Energy (HDRE), TPK Holding (TPK), and Shilin Electric and Engineering Corporation (SEEC) have teamed up as a national energy storage team, and aim to penetrate the global market. HDRE, by integrating its information and communication technology, energy system management, and flexible power dispatching services, offers comprehensive integrated services on large-scale energy storage equipment when working with TPK and SEEC.

The three parties will also extend their services to international markets such as Japan and the US in the future through this particular strategic partnership.

Hsieh Yuan-yi, Chairman of HDRE, commented that power generation through renewable energy has been increasing each year as net-zero emission becomes a global tendency, where power management on energy storage and load are now the two key factors for flexibility and tenacity of the supply and demand of power systems in Taiwan. HDRE thus invites TPK and SEEC to exert their respective capabilities to advance into the global sector in the near future.

TPK possesses abundance experience in precision electromechanical manufacturing, and has been assisting global brands, such as Apple, Microsoft, and Tesla, with R&D, manufacturing, and incorporation of new products, whilst providing supply chain management for niche clients. In response to the global trends of energy conservation and decarbonization, TPK has also been heavily engaged in investment related to niche EVs and green power generation over recent years.

SEEC, having been established for more than 60 years, is focused on the R&D and manufacturing of power-related products, and has been actively developing in the green energy field over recent years by providing integrated services in green power establishment and generation. TPK and SEEC are currently shareholders of HDRE, and are working closely with the latter on building the safest, as well as providing the most stable and efficient assimilated services of energy storage systems.

Chou Shi-chang, General Manager of HDRE, commented that the cost of power for renewable energy was relatively high in the past, and the continuously declining cost of solar power has led to an on-going reduction of battery cost and economies of scale, allowing batteries to be extensively applied on EVs and energy storage systems, which makes it possible for grid parity. Smart power companies require excellent energy storage solutions, which is why HDRE had purchased land to establish plants, and invited TPK, who excels in management on electronics manufacturing, and SEEC, who possesses power conversion systems (PCS), to accomplish localization in energy storage equipment.

(Cover photo source: shutterstock)

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