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Volvo Saw Record-Breaking Growth in Electric Trucks at 254% during Q1

published: 2023-06-08 9:30

Tesla is the EV leader, though Volvo Group has overtaken its competitors in the electric truck field, and is expecting to surpass 50% in battery electric trucks by 2030, before accomplishing its target of 100% battery electric by 2040, after announcing its latest major order recently.

Many automotive manufacturers are proposing different targets amidst the era of EV transformation, but only a few of them have achieved results, and Volvo Group has seemingly taken the right path. When a lot of buyers are still looking forward to hydrogen trucks, Volvo Group had already delivered 683 units of battery electric trucks in Q1 this year at a whopping growth of 254%.

Volvo announced once again today to have signed a contract with major European construction leader Holcim, and will be delivering a total of 1,000 units of battery electric trucks before 2030, with the first batch consisting 130 units being delivered starting from the end of this year. Working areas include France, Germany, Switzerland, and the UK, and models will comprise of Volvo FH Electric and Volvo FM Electric.

According to estimation, a fleet that consists of 1,000 diesel trucks will reduce 50K tons of carbon dioxide emission each year after full electrification based on an annual range of 80,000 km, which is a huge selling point for buyers as such results of carbon reduction will be included in the accomplishments of carbon reduction for constructions that could serve as an incentive on clients.

Volvo FH Electric, with a maximum load of 44 tons, has a driving range of 300km, and can be fully charged within 2.5 hours using fast charging, which is identical to that of Volvo FM Electric. These two trucks not only lowers carbon emission, but also reduces fuels and maintenance fees, where charging can be made possible during loading and unloading as long as fast charging piles are established at each location. Operational efficiency will no longer be a problem.

Volvo, despite trailing behind Volvo in small passenger cars, is showing aggressiveness in other carriers. Aside from trucks, Volvo has delivered 202 units of battery electric engineering vehicles and 34 units of battery electric buses this year, and is extremely confident that it will arrive at 50% of battery electric vehicles by 2030, before attaining battery electric for 100% of its products by 2040.

 (Cover photo source: Volvo)

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