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GM Announced Partnership with Tesla with EVs now Sharing Tesla’s Superchargers

published: 2023-06-09 9:30

After Ford announced its adoption of Tesla’s charging specifications and design standards, General Motors (GM) has also announced its intention to follow the same approach. Starting from 2025, GM will adopt the NACS charging port for all its new EVs, enabling them to be charged at any Superchargers.

Chargers for EVs in the US, Mexico, and Canada are currently divided into Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS) and the Combined Charging System (CCS) of other EV manufacturers. The several thousands of Superchargers with the former standard are only compatible with Tesla models, while the latter standard include North American and European standards, with the rest of the EVs adopting this particular charging system.

However, Tesla’s Superchargers are becoming congested now.

GM announced to be working with Tesla by providing adapters starting from 2024 that allow NACS cables to be plugged into the existing CCS1 charging port of existing EVs, and equipping all new EVs with the NACS charging port starting from 2025, as well as offering CCS adapters for buyers to facilitate continuous usage of the CCS charging network.

This is the second automotive manufacturer to announce on joining in on Tesla’s charging network after Ford, meaning that the top three EV manufacturers in North America have now formed an alliance in the hardware standards of charging. According to the US Department of Energy, Tesla’s Superchargers now account for 60% of fast chargers in the US and Canada.

GM commented that such implementation helps clients to transition to EVs in a seamless manner whilst actuating the industry towards a single charging standard for North America.

 (Cover photo source: pixabay)

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