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Revolutionizing Taiwan’s Green Energy Sector: Homenema Tech Unveils Pioneering 90 MW Power Plant

published: 2023-06-09 9:30

Green energy industry newcomer, Homenema Tech, held a press conference on June 9th to unveil its plants to develop an expansive 90 MW ground-mounted solar power facility. With an investment of NTD 3.015 billion, this eco-friendly powerhouse is projected to provide 50 million kWh of green electricity annually in its initial phase. Once fully operational, the facility is set to generate an impressive 110 million kWh of green energy each year.

Homenema Tech has officially transitioned into the renewable energy sector, and with approval from the Taipei Exchange, will be classified under the “Green Energy” category starting July 3rd. Leaving no stone unturned, the company is plunging into a slew of initiatives from co-developing solar farms with fisheries, promoting agricultural-electricity co-location initiatives, constructing energy storage facilities, and facilitating green energy sales. With such a broad range of undertakings, Homenema’s portfolio in power plant asset management now exceeds an impressive 123 MW.

The company is currently making significant progress in constructing three major projects: the Qigu Fishery Electricity project in Tainan, the Pingtung Fisher Electricity project, and the Taoyuan Energy Storage project. These projects, which are being implemented as per schedule, promise to provide a steady stream of revenue from renewable energy project development, technical services, and engineering contracts. The company’s operations are expected to gradually grow in the latter half of the year, with optimistic projections for the upcoming year.

Homenema Tech reported consolidated revenues for May 2023 at NTD 24 million, indicating an impressive growth of 92% from the previous month and a staggering annual increase of 208.99%. The cumulative revenue for the first five months has reached NTD 54 million, marking an impressive annual growth of 73.53%. The company credits May’s revenue strike to the income generated from the Qigu Fishery project in Tainan.

Green technology is undoubtedly a global trend, and Homenema Tech is betting big on its promising future. Committed to a comprehensive strategy, the company aims to pioneer green infrastructure, invigorate renewable energy development, and foster strategic alliances with international powerhouses. With this holistic approach, the company stands to revolutionize power generation, power use, systems, industry, and environment, aligning perfectly with the government’s ambitious objective of achieving a 20% renewable energy generation ratio by 2025.

 (Image Source: pixabay)

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