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Tongwei Unveils Its Full Range of Star Modules at Intersolar with Its New HJT Product Boasting a Power Output of Over 730 W

published: 2023-06-09 14:43

Intersolar, the largest and most influential solar exhibition in Europe, will be grandly opened on June 14 at Munich New International Exhibition Center. This exhibition will last to June 16, and Tongwei will make a debut in this event with a full range of P-type and N-type star modules, adapting to different application scenarios with innovative technologies and green intelligent manufacturing, boosting Europe's energy transition and jointly building a low-carbon and green future.

The whole-line deployment of new cell technologies and Tongwei N-type technology leading the industry development.

Against the backdrop of high energy prices and urgent energy transition, European countries are actively promoting green energy transition. According to statistics from Solar Power Europe, in 2022, the new installed capacity of PV units in Europe reached 41.4 GW, with a year-on-year growth of 47%. The PV demand ushered in explosive growth. N-type modules with multiple advantages such as high power, high efficiency, high reliability, and high power generation gains are highly favored because they highly meet the needs of the European market.

With the rapid development and iteration of photovoltaic power generation technology, Tongwei has taken a multi-pronged approach to the layout of new technologies in recent years, continuously increased R&D investment, constantly pursued technological innovation and product upgrading, and set foot in passivated contact cells (TNC), heterojunction cells (THC) and back-contact cells.

In terms of TOPCon, Tongwei chooses PECVD poly technology for mass production to solve the problem of PE-poly in mass production, improving the efficiency; the mass production efficiency of cells exceeded 25.5%, which is at the leading level in the industry. In addition, the modules created based on Tongwei's efficient TNC technology have the advantages of low attenuations, low temperature coefficients, high bifaciality, and excellent weak light responses, which are conducive to achieving higher power generation efficiency and a lower LCOE. The TWMNG-72HD products to be exhibited this time are designed and optimized on the basis of traditional TWMND-72HD products. With TNC technology and large rectangular silicon wafers, the products achieve the maximum power of 625W, which is 30W higher than that of 182*182-size 72 TOPCon products, and the module efficiency is up to 23.2%. With high-quality design, the products have leading advantages in customer value and industrial chain value.

In terms of HJT, Tongwei chooses HJT technology and continues to research and develop the technology. Tongwei completed the first GW-class HJT production line in China in 2021 and took the lead in completing the development of the industry's first 210 double-sided microcrystal in early 2023. In March 2023, Tongwei THC cell technology was certified by ISFH, breaking the world record for the mass production efficiency of HJT cells with an efficiency of 26.18%. In addition, since this year, Tongwei has successively refreshed the power records of HJT modules three times. The power of TWMHF-66HD modules to be exhibited this time is up to 732.6 W, making a great stride towards the era of 730 W+. In terms of the application of THC technology, Tongwei has achieved many breakthroughs. It is the first in the industry to adopt a number of advanced technologies such as THL technology, ultra-thin silicon wafer technology, double-sided microcrystal technology, superimposed high-performance target doping, and light injection. Its products have core advantages such as high efficiency and high power generation, which can effectively improve the module efficiency by more than 1%. The successful application of silver-free technology and copper interconnection technology has greatly reduced the metallization cost of THC and further narrowed the cost gap with PERC, forging ahead into the silver-free era. In the future, with the introduction of THL technology and double-sided microcrystal technology, Tongwei THC will have a clearer path to reduce costs and increase efficiency, which is expected to accelerate mass production.

Green and intelligent manufacturing pioneering the low-carbon field and products covering all scenarios.

As a time-honored PV enterprise, Tongwei focuses on the "green production concept", integrates "green and intelligent manufacturing" and innovative technologies into products, and develops products that meet local needs for different application scenarios and markets. In addition to N-type modules, Tongwei will also exhibit multiple series of module products such as shingled and half-cut modules at the same time, covering all aspects of the market demand.

In terms of shingled modules, Tongwei's Terra series modules obtained the carbon footprint certification in France in 2022. This series of modules can be adapted to the high-end household market and is well received by European users for its high power, high efficiency, environmental protection, low carbon, safety, and aesthetics. In 2022, the shipments of Tongwei shingled modules in Europe reached 3 GW. Among every 7 households installed with rooftop PV units, 1 household chose Tongwei Terra.

In terms of half-cut modules, Tongwei's half-cut modules are designed with industry-class technology. The products have higher power, higher bifaciality, and better temperature coefficients. The self-produced 182-size 72-version TNC half-cut modules have a power of 588 W, which is 25 – 30 W higher than that of PERC modules of the same size and specification. The bifaciality is 10% higher than that of PERC modules of the same size and specification. An average power generation gain per watt is 3%–4%, marking a high power generation gain.

Accelerating the deployment of globalization and vertical integration, Tongwei leads the low-carbon era.

Tongwei's modules are favored by overseas markets, and the products have been exported to more than 40 countries and regions such as France, Germany, the Netherlands, Chile, Brazil, Japan, the Republic of Korea, and Singapore. In the future, Tongwei will also take root in the local market and set up a professional localization team to provide customers with localized sales and after-sales integrated solutions.

As a leader in the fields of silicon materials and cells, Tongwei entered the module market in 2022 to comprehensively build a vertically integrated PV industry chain. In 2022, the shipments of Tongwei's modules reached 7.94 GW, quickly ranking among the top ten in the world. In 2023, the production capacity of Tongwei's modules has been planned to be 80 GW and the target shipment is 35 GW. From technology to production capacity, from silicon materials to modules, Tongwei is accelerating its "mad rush" in every link of the entire industry chain, surging onto the international stage with the momentum of a vertical integration giant. In the future, Tongwei will continue to innovate and provide more high-quality and efficient products for the industry to contribute to the sustainable development of global clean energy.

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