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High Inventory Takes Time to Solve; PV Glass Prices Stay Stable in the Short Term

published: 2023-07-20 17:31

As of July 14, the domestic price for 2.0mm PV coated glass (panel) stands at RMB 17/㎡, while 3.2mm PV coated glass is priced at RMB 25/㎡, with both prices remaining unchanged compared to the previous week. This month, the price of photovoltaic glass is lower, primarily due to certain enterprises reducing prices to facilitate shipments. Last week, no new production lines were put into operation, maintaining a balanced capacity in production and output. Moreover, there are no production lines expected to commence operation next week. Presently, the total domestic photovoltaic glass production capacity stands at 96,440 tons/day, with the industry capacity utilization rate at 93.85%. Module prices have remained stable, and the recent decline in cell prices has boosted profits for module manufacturers, prompting them to become more active in production scheduling. Additionally, the current industry chain price is expected to stabilize, leading to a potential increase in customer demand.

As a result of declining module prices, downstream customers have started increasing their purchases. Some photovoltaic glass manufacturers have also reduced their prices to encourage more shipments and improve delivery speed. With the rise in operation rates of module manufacturers and enhanced customer demand, the consumption of photovoltaic glass is expected to improve. Despite the overall low price of photovoltaic glass this month due to companies lowering prices for shipments, the overall supply has still been increasing recently, leading to persistent high inventory levels among photovoltaic glass manufacturers that are difficult to change in the short term.


Supply and demand analysis: with the current high supply of PV glass and no immediate increment in demand, PV glass manufacturers will require some time to resolve the high inventories. Consequently, PV glass prices are unlikely to rise in the short term.

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