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Extending the Low-carbon Footprint! Tongwei Solar Unveils Groundbreaking Modules in Australia

published: 2023-10-23 18:12

As a world-leading PV module manufacturer, Tongwei Solar is going to unveil its innovative modules at All-Energy Australia from October 25 to 26. Under the vision of sustainable development of global ecological environment, green development has moved onto a fast track. As the first PV enterprise listed on the Fortune Global 500 featuring the efficient and coordinated development of green agriculture and green energy, Tongwei Solar has achieved the perfect integration of green agriculture and green energy and the efficient utilization of energy, which will be of positive significance to promote the sustainable development of Australia.

Continuously Extending the Low-carbon Footprint and Leading the Industry Forward

According to a recent report by the Australia PV Institute (APVI), the installed PV capacity in Australia had reached 30 GW by the end of 2022. In terms of PV power generation, Australia is currently one of the regions with the highest penetration in the world and one of the major PV markets in the world.

On December 22, 2022, Tongwei Solar signed a contract with Blue Sun Group, one of the largest distributors of PV module products in Australia. They preliminarily planned to cooperate to complete the delivery of 100MW Tongwei high-efficiency half-cut modules in the Australian market in 2023. The delivery of Tongwei modules also marks a substantial step for Tongwei Solar to tap into the Australian market and the continuous extension of Tongwei Solar's global low-carbon footprint.

In addition, Tongwei Solar maintained close contact with partners such as One Stop Warehouse (OSW), a leading PV energy storage system distribution service provider in Australia, and Raystech Group, a well-known renewable energy distributor in Australia. It is committed to providing diversified high-efficiency PV solutions for clients and contributing to the development of global clean energy.

As a leading enterprise in the PV industry, Tongwei Solar has leading cost and market share advantages. In terms of silicon materials and cells, Tongwei Solar has the annual production capacity of over 420,000 tons of high-purity crystalline silicon and 90GW of cells, and the sales volumes of both silicon materials and cells rank first in the world. In terms of modules, Tongwei Solar officially initiated the module industry in an all round way in 2022. At present, it has four major production bases in Jintang, Hefei, Yancheng and Nantong, with the module production capacity of 55GW. In addition, the shipment volume of Tongwei modules has achieved rapid "overtaking", demonstrating strong growth momentum. Based on its excellent performance on the module sector, Tongwei Solar is once again listed among the world's Tier 1 PV module manufacturers.

Tongwei Solar Stepping out onto the Fortune Global 500 Stage as the First Company in the Industry and Playing the Leading Role in Innovation

On August 2, the 2023 Fortune Global 500 List was released, and Tongwei Group was listed among Fortune Global 500 enterprises, stepping out onto the Fortune Global 500 stage as the first company in the global PV industry. Tongwei Solar has established an integrated PV industry chain with a focus on high-purity crystalline silicon and high-efficiency cells and modules, creating advantages in scale, technology, cost and quality and leading the industry's continuous development.

Technology R&D and innovation capability is one of Tongwei Solar's core competitiveness. Innovation is indispensable for industrial development, and Tongwei Solar plays the leading role in exploration and R&D. From the perspective of technology layout, Tongwei Solar has carried out R&D activities in advanced technology directions such as HJT, TOPCon, IBC and perovskite/silicon tandem. All technical directions are provided with perfect test lines, laboratories and other R&D facilities, demonstrating Tongwei Solar's super strength in technology research and development. Tongwei Solar will continue to be committed to innovative product R&D and lead the industry development continuously.

Witnessing Tongwei Solar's Intelligent Manufacturing Practice in Australia and Actively Exploring Green PV

Tongwei Solar has officially sounded the clarion call for tapping into the Australian market. At All-Energy Australia 2023, Tongwei Solar will unveil its latest R&D achievements such as P-type and N-type modules in Melbourne, including half-cut modules covering all market demands and fully flexible, low-lead and fluorine-free, environmentally friendly shingled modules.

The new TWMNG-72HD products with TNC (Tongwei N-type passivated contact Cell) technology and the new TWMHF-66HD products with non-silvering technology and THC (Tongwei HJT Cell) technology are transformation achievements of Tongwei Solar's latest R&D technologies, and they can bring clients module products with higher power, lower BOS costs and lower LCOE to achieve higher value. Tongwei modules have exquisite appearance design, advanced technology and excellent quality assurance, featuring high anti-aging and anti-subfissure performance, fully meeting the local installed capacity requirements in all scenarios.

Since Tongwei Solar's development of HJT technology, the first GW-level HJT production line in China was built in 2021, and the development of the industry's first bifacial microcrystalline production line was completed in January this year. With the front power of 743.68W and the efficiency of 23.94%, Tongwei Solar's 210 THC double-glazed module has refreshed the power and conversion efficiency records for HJT modules for four consecutive times this year, making continuous breakthroughs, fully demonstrating Tongwei Solar's concept of continuous innovation and constant exploration for reaching a new level.

At All-Energy Australia 2023, Tongwei modules sincerely invites local Australian enterprises and institutions to make in-depth exchanges and actively explore cooperation opportunities. Tongwei Solar actively carries out market research in the local area, deeply understands the dynamic changes of local needs, continuously develops and improves products and schemes suitable for the local area, and builds professional pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales service systems by means of cooperation with local partners and setting up an overseas team to bring the best cooperation experience to the market and clients.

Under the background that carbon neutrality has become a global consensus, the PV industry is stepping onto a new development stage. Following the general trend of energy reform, Tongwei Solar will continue to seek deep development in the Australian market, actively explore and expand multiple scenarios of "green PV+", spare no effort to provide stable and reliable power, and actively promote Australia's energy transition and green development. In the future, Tongwei Solar will move on towards its long-term strategic goals under the guidance of green development concept.

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