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Tongwei Solar’s G12R TNC Modules Usher in Future of Clean Energy

published: 2024-01-17 17:35

Tongwei Solar’s G12R TNC Modules Usher in Future of Clean Energy

In 2023, installed solar capacity in Europe increased by 39% (66GW). The world’s first PV industry member of the Fortune 500, Tongwei Solar is committed to providing clients with the highest quality, most reliable products on the market. In 2022, Tongwei Solar shipped 3GW, or 14% of the residential market, to Europe, where almost one in seven households with PV modules is equipped with Tongwei’s Terra series. On January 18, Tongwei Solar will unveil its new G12R TNC series modules in Frankfurt, Germany.

Tongwei Solar Heads Toward a Brighter Future with G12R Series

Technological advancement and product innovation drive the PV industry and green development. Tongwei Solar’s new G12R series has managed to strike the perfect balance between technological innovation, product efficiency, size, appearance, and convenience of installation and transportation, making it the preferred choice of the Europe market.

Tongwei Solar’s new G12R series silicon wafers at 2382x1134mm are the gold standard for the rectangular design and boast new cell technology that is self-developed and self-produced. Tongwei Solar independently developed the industry’s first pilot test line of 210mm PECVD Poly with an average cell production efficiency of 26.2%. The G12R series incorporates Tongwei Solar’s highly efficient, super reliable TNC with SE technology for superior output.

The G12R series is indicative of Tongwei Solar’s constant striving to produce superior value for any scenario. Leveraging the technology and efficiency advantages of large rectangular wafers, the modules bring clients greater value with significantly increased power output, reduced costs, and enhanced system yields, providing solutions for all residential, commercial and industrial (C&I) and Utility-Scale power plants scenarios – covering every possible client need.

Tongwei Solar’s new series represents precise control of the entire industry chain. Tongwei Solar employs integrated vertical strategies throughout the industry chain, from high-quality raw materials and research and development in cutting-edge technology to high-efficiency modules to ensure the upstream is equipped with the highest quality production capacity possible. Unflagging commitment to improving quality and reducing costs has brought it to the top of silicon materials and cells. In 2023, Tongwei Solar experienced an unprecedented rise in production capacity to 63GW, placing Tongwei Solar squarely among the top-tier of module manufacturers.

Championing ESG, Driving the Green Supply Chain

ESG (environmental, social, and governance) is an important part of the green transformation and sustainable development worldwide, and Tongwei Solar is no exception. By introducing green, low-carbon management to the entire product lifecycle, Tongwei Solar has managed to incorporate green concepts into the entire industry chain, saving energy and reducing carbon.

Tongwei Solar was listed in the 2023 Fortune China ESG Impact List and received an A level Wind ESG Rating.

In terms of environmental practices, Tongwei Solar was the first company in the world to create a Fishery & PV Integration green development model to generate a continuous stream of clean energy. As of the end of 2022, Tongwei Solar had established 52 PV power stations in China according to the Fishery & PV Integration model for a cumulative installed, grid-connected capacity of 3.4GW, an annual settlement volume of 4.06 billion kilowatt-hour, and total carbon emission reductions of 3.09 million tons. The optimized G12R series design has maximized the container utilization rate at 98.5%, reduced transportation costs by 4%, and increased land utilization by 8.73% compared to the 182-type modules, ensuring higher returns.

As a socially responsible PV enterprise, Tongwei Solar is mindful of the critical importance of the global energy transformation mission, and a diverse product portfolio and comprehensive technical reserves provide international clients with more options, ensuring development achievements benefit all of society.

In terms of governance, Tongwei Solar strictly adheres to the established industrial standards and codes of practice, providing global clients with the best possible quality and most cost effective solutions. The six major systems of the G12R series consist of material selection and control, production process management, multiple environmental testing certifications, quality system processes, shipment quality inspection, and professional client services that include high-quality after-sales services.

ESG and sustainable development are sweeping the globe, and PV power generation is critical to this green energy transformation and the achievement of zero carbon emissions. Tongwei Solar’s newly launched G12R series will contribute to the global transition to clean energy. Tongwei Solar will unveil more green, innovative, high-quality, cost-effective products and solutions on January 18 in Frankfurt, the first stop in its journey in Europe to showcase its new offerings, inviting global partners to help turn the page on a new chapter of energy development together.

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