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Sweden’s new solar capacity reached 1.4 GW in 2023.

published: 2024-03-27 15:50

According to Svensk Solenergi, Swedish solar energy association, in 2023, 1.2 GW to 1.4 GW of solar projects was installed in Sweden, a significant increase from the 1 GW in 2022. The number of solar cell installations connected to the Swedish electricity grid also saw a sharp rise, reaching approximately 96,000 in 2023, indicating a substantial 70% growth compared to 2022. Although the second quarter of 2023 marked the peak of installation activity, thereafter, the numbers declined due to the impact of high interest rates and inflation.

Looking ahead, Svensk Solenergi anticipates a decrease in the number of solar cell installations in 2024, projecting around 65,000 installations, reflecting a 32% drop from the figures in 2023. This downturn is attributed to various factors such as a softer economic climate, increased customer uncertainty, and a reduction in the number of pre-notifications submitted to grid companies. Notably, there were 84,000 pre-notifications in 2023 compared to 95,000 pre-notifications in the previous year, highlighting a notable reduction.

Looking towards 2024, Svensk Solenergi forecasts the installation of 1 GW to 1.3 GW of new solar power.

Notably, construction commenced on Sweden's largest solar farm in October. Oskar Öhrman, the Technical Manager at Svensk Solenergi anticipates that the 100 MW photovoltaic project will likely be operational by the end of this year.

Source: Pvtech

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