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Australia had 2.8GW new installation of PV and energy storage in 2023.

published: 2024-04-01 15:15

The Australian Energy Commission (AEC) recently released its 2023 annual report. According to the report, in 2023, rooftop PV in Australia continued to maintain strong growth, adding 2.78 GW and bringing the cumulative historical installation to 22.07 GW.

Due to a lag in system certification. It is expected that after the data update, the actual installed volume in 2023 will reach 2.99 GW, an increase of 7.18% compared to 2022.

State situation:

New South Wales (NSW) ranked first with 930 MW of installed capacity. Queensland (QLD) ranked second with 720 MW, Victoria (VIC) had 516 MW, Western Australia (WA) had 248 MW, South Australia (SA) had 236 MW, Tasmania (TAS) had 45 MW, Australian Capital Territory (ATC) had 78 MW and Northern Territory (NT) had the least installation at 12 MW.

By the end of 2023, nearly 3.7 million homes and businesses in Australia had installed solar PV. The largest number is in Queensland, with more than 1 million systems. This is followed by New South Wales with 947,000. In third place is Victoria with 724,000. These three states account for 72 percent of the country. The least is in the Northern Territory, with only 22,700, or 0.62% of the country.

Thanks to lower prices and higher consumer demand, the average size of PV systems in Australia has increased year on year. In 2023, the average size of a PV system in Australia is 9.13 kW, which is a new record.

The largest average size is in the Northern Territory (NT) at 11.45 kW. The smallest is Western Australia (WA) at 7.54 kW.

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