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Crystalline Silicon Weekly Review: Prices have been reduced across the board, and differences between upstream and downstream have increased.

published: 2024-04-11 16:59

Polysilicon prices fell across the board in this week. The transaction price range of n-type rod silicon was 55,000-60,000 yuan/ton, and the average transaction price was 58,600 yuan/ton, down 3.30% month-on-month. The transaction price range of P-type dense material was 48,000-51,000 yuan/ton, and the average transaction price was 48,700 yuan/ton, down 18.83% from the previous quotation. The price spread of N/P rod silicon was about 8,300 yuan/ton, which narrowed. The transaction price range of n-type granular silicon was 5.10-54,000 yuan/ton, and the average transaction price was 52,000 yuan/ton, down 5.54% month-on-month.

Since last week, polysilicon companies have gradually begun to sign a new round of orders, but the signing of orders has not been smooth, and downstream customers have mainly changed the price of long-term orders in the early stage, and the speed of obtaining goods continues to slow down. This week, three companies of n-type rod silicon have transactions, and only two companies of p-type rod silicon have transactions, and the transaction volume is extremely limited, and only one leading company has a large transaction volume. As of Wednesday, the market price of n-type rod silicon has been around 55,000 yuan/ton, and it is not ruled out that there is a possibility of continued decline. At present, the polysilicon sector is already facing comprehensive losses, and polysilicon companies are very resistant to ultra-low quotations from the downstream, and the price divergence between the upstream and downstream is gradually increasing. Polysilicon companies are aware of a large price decline, with downstream prices lowering more than expected, and some companies are reluctant to make deals at a loss. From a downstream perspective, polysilicon prices are currently in a downward range, with no price bottom in sight, and wafer makers are not willing to stock up and only maintain a certain amount of purchases for downgraded products.

As of this week, there are a total of 17 domestic polysilicon production enterprises, and the enterprises maintain normal production this week, and there is no new shutdown and maintenance plan, but some areas may face power peak shaving this month, and enterprises may deploy small maintenance during the period. From the perspective of raw materials, the price of industrial silicon continues to fall, and the mainstream spot price of 553 Xinjiang is around 13,000, which has reached the full cost line of most enterprises. Therefore, there is little room for the price of raw silicon powder to continue to fall sharply, and the cost support of polysilicon will also increase.

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