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Launch of Tongwei Solar's 1st G12N Module: Opening the 700W+ Era

published: 2024-04-25 17:47

On April 20, the first G12N large-size and high-efficiency module of Tongwei Solar Technology Hefei Base successfully rolled off the production line, marking Tongwei Solar's entry into the era of 700W+ modules. This series of products has moved into the phase of production scheduling for pre-sale orders from domestic and foreign partners in an orderly manner. With ample production capacity, Tongwei Solar is fully committed to safeguarding client value in the 700W+ era.

G12N: Opening the great 700W+ era of Tongwei Solar

The G12N-66 double-glass module that rolled off the production line this time has led the industry reform by virtue of its excellent performance. Compared with the traditional 182-72N products, it has a maximum power of 715W, increasing by 130W and showing obvious advantages in performance. The G12N-66 module stands out by combining such characteristics as low open-circuit voltage, ultra-low attenuation, and ultra-high output. It also integrates Tongwei Solar's TNC high-efficiency cell technology, marking the inception of a high-power era in the industry that emphasizes enhanced quality and efficiency.

G12N: Better understanding client value

In centralized and industrial and commercial distributed scenarios, the G12N-66 module offers superior benefits, including higher installed capacity and lower EPC costs. The utilization of a low voltage design in this module enables the connection of a greater number of modules in a single string. This, in turn, enhances string power, reduces the number of strings required, and results in cost savings on cables, mounting systems, and installation. Taking the color steel tile rooftop as an example, its installed capacity has increased by 8% compared with that of 182-72N modules while the EPC costs have dropped by 3.78%.

In household rooftop PV systems, G12N-66 modules also show significant advantages. Taking a household rooftop PV system in Jinan, Shandong Province, Eastern China as an example, compared with 182-72N modules, the development and construction costs of G12N-66 modules have been reduced by 3.9%, and the rental costs have been lowered by 10.08%, showing higher economic benefits.

G12N: Ensuring stable production capacity and excellent quality

To meet the production demand of G12N products, Tongwei Hefei base has transformed six production lines to lift the single-line production capacity to 3,400 pcs, ensuring the stable supply of the products.

In the module production process, Hefei Base rigorously enforces quality control measures. This is accomplished through a meticulous four-step procedure that guarantees 100% inspection. In addition, AI technology is harnessed to automate inspection across the entire workflow, facilitating intelligent control and information-based oversight to safeguard product quality.

G12: Showing prominent competitiveness in the global market

With the PV industry entering the mature market, the large size, high efficiency and high power have become the mainstream. According to the public tendering information, from January to February this year, the scale of public bid selection for modules exceeded 67GW, of which N-type modules accounted for 70%, and power higher than 580W became the mainstream in tendering. With its ultra-high power and excellent comprehensive performance, G12N modules not only give consideration to economic efficiency and reliability, but also better meet the higher requirements of PV application scenarios for generated power and system efficiency.

With superior performance, higher power and lower costs, Tongwei Solar's G12 large-size and high-power modules show strong competitiveness in the global market.

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