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Tongwei to Showcase Its Record-breaking THC and TNC Products at the Upcoming Intersolar Exhibition

published: 2024-06-18 16:24

From June 19 to 21, Tongwei will be showcasing its THC-G12 and TNC-G12/G12R series products at Intersolar Europe 2024. The THC-G12 and TNC-G12 modules to be displayed at the event recently broke world records, once again highlighting Tongwei's exceptional strength in high-efficiency module technology.
Tongwei PV Gene: Vertically Integrated Industry Chain Layout

To meet the growing demand for global modules, Tongwei has proactively secured a reliable supply of core PV raw materials, and successfully planned and established a complete PV new energy industry chain with independent intellectual property rights. It has achieved remarkable results in fostering a responsible, green, and low-carbon supply chain. At present, Tongwei has owned four national green supply chain management enterprises and obtained 21 carbon footprint certifications. In addition, it has set up a dedicated working group for supply chain traceability, demonstrating its commitment to environmental protection, sustainable development, and product supply guarantee with concrete actions.

At Intersolar Europe 2024, Tongwei plans to release its ESG Report 2023 to the world to further enhance transparency in supply chains and ensure the delivery of safer and more reliable modules to consumers. In the green substrate sector, Tongwei is building industrial silicon projects in an orderly manner, with production anticipated to commence by the end of 2024. In the high-purity crystalline silicon market, Tongwei has established a prominent position. In 2023, it occupied a share of over 25% of the market, with sales surging by 50.79% year on year. With an existing annual production capacity of 650,000 tons, the company holds the top position globally in both market share and shipments.

Tongwei has also made remarkable progress in rod pulling and crystalline silicon slicing. The company boasts a production capacity of 20GW for each of the two businesses, ensuring a more stable and reliable supply of raw materials for its module manufacturing.

With a production capacity of 95GW for high-efficiency solar cells, Tongwei has maintained the world's largest shipment for seven consecutive years. Tongwei's vertically integrated industry layout, scale effect, quality control, and raw material management have significantly boosted the competitiveness of its modules in the global market. As of now, the company's module production capacity has reached 75GW. In 2023, the sales volume of its modules skyrocketed by 292.08% year on year, and the shipments ranked among the top five worldwide.

Tongwei Sci-tech Innovation Gene: High-efficiency Modules Leading the Trend

Building upon a stable industrial chain, Tongwei has also achieved remarkable progress in PV technology layout and module research and development. In terms of the N-type technology route, Tongwei is pursuing parallel development of TOPCon and HJT technologies, while also carrying out research and development for IBC, perovskite, and tandem cells.

Tongwei commenced mass production of TNC-G12R modules in April 2024, marking the start of its full-scale supply of large rectangular modules. This milestone underscores Tongwei's robust production capabilities and swift response to market demand. Additionally, it took Tongwei only four days to realize full mass production and shipment of TNC-G12 high-efficiency modules after producing the first unit.

In May 2024, according to the test results from TÜV SÜD, Tongwei's THC-G12 modules, measuring 2384mm × 1303mm, reached a maximum output power of 765.18W and a photoelectric conversion efficiency of 24.63%. The TNC-G12 high-efficiency modules independently developed by Tongwei have achieved a maximum output power of 743.2W and a photoelectric conversion efficiency of 23.93%, according to the test results from TÜV SÜD. This marks the eighth time since 2023 that Tongwei has set a new world record for the power of HJT modules and the third time that it has established a new high for the power of TNC series products.

At this year's edition of Intersolar Europe, through advanced technologies, high-quality products, and a meticulously planned industrial chain, Tongwei will demonstrate to global users its unwavering commitment to raw material supply and production quality assurance of PV products, showcasing its strength as an industry leader.

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