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Germany's Solar PV Installations See Slow Growth in May, With Commercial Sector Lagging

published: 2024-06-25 16:56

The latest PV installation data released by the Bundesnetzagentur indicates that the net PV installed capacity in May increased by only 964.2 MW. This data is based on the agency's core energy market data register as of June 17.

Bundesnetzagentur also revised the growth data for the previous months: the newly installed capacity for April was 1,177 MW, not the 1,040 MW reported a month earlier. The data for March was also revised upwards, now showing an increase of 1,311 MW. Based on the currently available data, the net installed capacity of new PV systems this year is 6,162.5 MW. As of May, the cumulative installed capacity reached 88,854 MW.

"Particularly disappointing is the sluggish recovery in the commercial systems segment, with output capacity being low, ranging only from 30 kW to 100 kW," PV wholesaler EWS stated in its assessment. "Overall, the reported newly installed capacity for the first five months of this year is 6.18 GW, slightly higher than the same period last year, but so far, this has come solely from the growth of ultra-large commercial systems and ground-mounted systems—likewise, the reported data for May is lower than that of the previous month and the same period last year."

Ground-mounted PV systems that have secured tender contracts contributed 196.2 MW to the growth in May, while tendered rooftop systems contributed 21.8 MW. In May, the reported generation capacity of rooftop PV systems outside the Renewable Energy Act subsidy program was 11.9 MW, and that of ground-mounted PV systems was 93.3 MW. As in April, there were no new tenant electricity registrations in May.

Source:pv magazine group

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