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Solar Cell Price Continues to Decrease, the Profit of 1Q 2011 Is Lower than Expected

published: 2011-04-06 18:28

According to the weekly price survey conducted by EnergyTrend, the solar energy spot prices across the supply chain all went down this week, even the polysilicon price could not beat the market price pressure and decreased from the high point. On the other hand, the solar cell price continues to decrease, and EnergyTrend believes that it will greatly affect the profit margin of the solar cell manufacturers in the first quarter of the year.

The survey shows that the price of polysilicon has decreased by 3.61%, to $82.7/kg. The average price of multi-Si wafer has also continued to decrease by 0.03%, to around $3.43/piece, while the price of mono-Si wafer has remained at the same level compared with that of last week. In terms of solar cell, due to weak demand, the average spot price has fallen by 2.17%, and come to $1.174/Watt. Manufacturers indicated that there is no signal on the market as to when the decrease will come to an end. In addition, the module market price is affected by manufacturers selling at low prices, and the average price has decreased by 1.86%, to $1.58/Watt.

Moreover, due to continued solar cell price decrease, the price quotation for thin film solar cell was affected as well. The average trading price has dropped by 2.05%, below $1.3/Watt and come to $1.288/Watt. However, the CPV price has stayed at the same.

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