Demand for High Conversion Efficiency Solar Product Remains while Recent Price Trends Are Polarized

published: 2011-08-17 22:20 | category: Price Trend

According to the latest survey conducted by EnergyTrend, Chinese PV manufacturers are conservative about the market outlook. As a result, the polysilicon price continues to experience downward pressure, while the bottom line of its price quotation remains at $50/kg. The main trading price has declined between $50/kg and $52/kg; and the average price of polysilicon has slightly dropped by 1.98% to $51.51/kg.

Based on EnergyTrend’s survey, the demand prospects for the late third quarter to fourth quarter of 2011 remains unclear. However, the high conversion efficiency product demand remained strong, with orders in the European market continuing to grow. Manufacturers indicated that while the price remained low, product examination standards are tightened and European clients continued to show great demand for high conversion efficiency products. As a result,  the Si wafer prices were polarized this week, with the multi-Si wafer price in consistent decline, while the mono-Si wafer price rose.

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