Weekly Spot Price

published: 2014-12-19 14:59 | editor: | category: Price Trend

The uncertainties from the US-China trade war will continue until the final determination is announced officially next January. Meanwhile, manufacturers are trying to figure out the backup plans. Although module orders from the U.S. and Europe decreased due to the Christmas holidays, China demand increased because of the domestic rush orders, leading to price stagnation. Wafer, cell, and module prices remained flat this week.

Polysilicon price dropped 0.5% to $20.1/kg due to the seasonal demand and inventory adjustment. High-efficiency multi-si wafer price remained at $0.905/piece, while mono-si wafer price reached $1.145/piece. Yet, wafer demand remained weak. High-efficiency cell price quote stayed flat at $0.332/w. Cell prices may increase after the policies and order status are clear. This week’s module price is - $0.575/w for 250W multi-si modules and $0.635/w for 265W mono-si modules.

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