This Week’s Spot Prices (September 21 to 25)

published: 2015-09-25 18:47 | editor: | category: Price Trend

The oversupply of polysilicon will continue in near future, and the price trend remains stable during this week, found EnergyTrend. The polysilicon spot prices fluctuated between RMB113/kg and RMB118/kg in the Chinese market, and the price trends in Taiwanese and Korean markets were also flat.

This week, REC Silicon announced that it may suspend its FBR-processing polysilicon production capacity in Washington, USA. Yet the decision will be finally made on the basis of negotiations between China and the U.S. for the solar trade disputes over polysilicon imports as well as the anti-dumping and countervailing duties imposed on Chinese solar panels.

China, Taiwan and third-party countries’ demands to wafers is strong enough to drive the upward trend of wafers’ quotations. However, the payment terms are what determine the actual spot prices. In the recent, some delivery was conducted when fully paid, which is expected to raise the quotations in near future. Taiwan-made wafers’ quotations in October would be between US$0.82/pc and US$0.825/pc as they are challenged by wafers with lower prices made by second-tier wafer manufacturers. Likewise, P-type mono-si wafers’ quotations in next month could decrease as manufacturers will clear as many stocks as possible because most orders were already secured.

PV cells’ spot prices went up during this week. Some Taiwan first-tier manufacturers revealed spot prices up to US$0.325/watt for cells with 17.9% conversion efficiency. China first-tier makers are also moving toward the price of RMB2.3/watt because of higher order visibility. Orders to mono-si PV cells were also increased so second- and third-tier manufacturers’ OEM capacities were mostly full. However, mono-si PV cells’ price increment is restricted to the weak price trend of mono-si wafers.

In terms of quotations PV modules, intense installations in China consume most production capacities of first-tier manufacturers. Strong demand raised the spot prices slightly, while the highest payment range was from RMB3.9/watt to RMB4/watt. The real spot prices were based on the payment terms. EnergyTrend projects a upward trend for PV modules’ quotations in following weeks.

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