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Mono-Si and Multi-Si Prices Have Been Locked in a Seesaw Struggle, Entire Price in Supply Chain Drops: Price Trend

published: 2017-11-16 17:37

Under the influence of the same prices between mono-si and multi-si PV cells, the number of restocking orders in the mono-si supply chain has started to increase. However, price has remained steady since last week, as manufacturers are still clearing out their inventories. Although the restocking momentum for mono-si became strong, market condition of multi-si supply chain didn’t suffer the impact. With the support of distributed system and other international markets, sales of multi-si still remained full. Rumor has it that there will be another price decline for both mono-si and multi-si this month. However, the information hasn’t been proven yet.


Because of stable downstream demand, polysilicon price basically remained the same. Actual agreed price was RMB 144-152/kg depending on the varieties of material quality and brand. The result of China’s double reverse tax rate for the polysilicon suppliers in Korea is expected to come out this month. If OCI tax rate is below 5%, prices on the market won’t be influenced much. But if it is between or above 5-10%, prices may increase slightly.


Owing to the rapid decrease of mono-si PV cell price, mono-si module suppliers had more spaces for bargaining with EPC/investors, making the orders of upstream mono-si wafer increase.

Though the supply of diamond wire saw multi-si wafer increased, overall, the supply still wasn’t enough. However, due to the competitive relationship between mono-si, the average agreed price slightly went down. Meanwhile, to make multi-si PV cell remain competitive, it is rumored that the quoted prices of multi-si supply chain in December may become lower. Besides, it is rumored that the quoted prices of mono-si supply chain in December may decrease as well.

PV cell

PV cell price remained stable this week. Under the influences of China’s increasing demand of distributed system and India’s rising amount of restocking orders, inquiry of diamond wire PV cell continued to increase, boosting the demand for Taiwanese manufacturers, which allowed the prices to remain steady. Because of the decreasing PV cell price last week, mono-si supply chain increased station market’s demand for mono-si modules. However, their prices still remained flat.

In terms of mono-si PERC, after the rapid drop a few weeks ago, there was slow decrease this week. The test of China’s mono-si PERC PV cell price as RMB 2/W started this week. Next week, the price will have a chance to reach somewhere between RMB 1-2/W. Taiwan’s mono-si PERC PV cell price started to remain stable at USD 0.27-0.28/W. However, PERC PV cell price for efficiency of 20.6-20.8% may keep decreasing to the level of Chinese manufacturers.


Because of the decreasing price of mono-si PV cell, there were more spaces of lowering prices for mono-si module manufacturers to accept clients’ requirements and the entire average price slightly declined. Price of the first-tier manufacturers was RMB 2.85-2.93/W. Price of the second-tier manufacturers was RMB 2.79-2.85/W. Demand for multi-si module has remained tight and its price has maintained RMB 2.7-2.8/W.

Although China’s long-rumored subsidy solution for distributed system hasn’t been released, demand for distributed system still increased. There are orders of module extending till December and the development of the installation in the end of the year has begun. Besides Chinese market, Indian market’s demand started to grow owing to the decrease of module and PV cell prices. It is expected that the situation will be more obvious in December.

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