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Decrease of Polysilicon Material Price Slows down, yet Multi-Si Wafer Price Continues to Drop: Price Trend

published: 2018-03-15 16:40

In February, price reduction on the supply chain resulted from the weak demand on end market. Yet, the market rebounded in March. The pessimistic attitude disappeared. Each sector started to inquire about the lowest price actively. Thus, prices this week basically remained the same. This week, prices of some products still decreased. The main reason is the purchasing price between the supply chain and market: sellers received considerable orders through sacrificing profits in order to raise market share or lower inventory level.


Because the marketing channels of small and medium-sized polysilicon manufacturers are limited, they focused on lowering their inventory level. Thus, some manufacturers accepted the demand from downstream. Polysilicon prices declined slightly. Yet, the tier-one manufacturers still can maintain the prices. This week, the material price for mono-si was RMB 123-126/kg. The material price for second-tier multi-si was RMB 105-110/kg. The material price for first-tier multi-si was RMB 113-117/kg.


The leading manufacturers of multi-si wafer have decreased the prices slightly this week, bringing price reduction pressure to other small and medium-sized multi-si wafer manufacturers. For mono-si, because of the increasing demand from downstream, there was no sign of price reduction temporarily. Therefore, the spread between mono-si and multi-si wafer slightly increased to RMB 0.85/pc.

PV cell

This week, PV cell price stayed still. With the small decrease of multi-si wafer price, multi-si PV cell prices from Taiwanese manufacturers slightly dropped to USD 0.18-0.181/W; in terms of mono-si product, owing to rising demand, the price remained the same.


Although there was no obvious action on end market, due to expected booming market, price still became stable. This week, multi-si module price was RMB 2.5-2.57/W and mono-si module price was RMB 2.57-2.62/W.

The result of the bid price for China’s 2017 Top Runner Program has been released. At RMB 0.39-0.45/kWh, the price has brought pressure to module sector. To pursue lower bid price, double power generation product proportion is expected to increase significantly on the next bid.

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