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Decrease of Prices in the Supply Chain Becomes Slow; Polysilicon Manufacturers Start to Prepare Maintenance Schedule: Price Trend

published: 2018-03-08 17:48

The sluggish market before Chinese New Year has caused a decrease in price in each sector of the supply chain. After Chinese New Year, there were bad news for the market. For example, it has been rumored that China’s subsidy would be further lowered this year. A low bid price for the Top Runner Program has also appeared in Baicheng, and the prices of polysilicon is still falling. These have all resulted in the expectation of a poor performance in the supply chain.


Some have projected that polysilicon price may become lower than RMB 100/kg, as the prices for this week have kept decreasing. The average polysilicon price in China has already dropped to RMB 120/kg this week. However, as the upstream polysilicon manufacturers have already reached an agreement on the reserve price, the price decrease for this week has slightly eased. In addition, because the current market hasn’t completely bounced back and the market demand may remain stable after the 630 installation rush, some polysilicon manufacturers are expected to start undergoing maintenance in March and April. This is expected to help make the prices more stable.


After the leading manufacturers of mono-si wafer lowered the quoted prices at the end of February, the leading manufacturers of multi-si wafer have decreased the prices in early March as well. Other manufacturers are expected to follow the trend. Therefore, Chinese diamond wire saw multi-si wafer price this week fell. However, in terms of mono-si wafer price, owing to the downstream stable demand and the previous modification, its price didn’t change this week.

PV cell

The European market will rebound this year. For Taiwan, there will be an installation rush before the two-year photovoltaic project before June 30th. Thus, these two markets may boost the demand for mono-si PERC PV cell and make mono-si PERC PV cell become steady.

By comparison, because the market hasn’t fully rebounded, multi-si PV cell and the general mono-si PV cell have continued to go down. Yet, the decrease has become slow. In domestic China, multi-si PV cell price basically remained stable.


Under the impact that the current market hasn’t fully rebounded, module price declined, but the decrease was shortened largely. Afterwards, with the 630 installation rush in China, it is expected to improve the decreasing prices of the supply chain from a few weeks ago.

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