Price Trend: Supply and Demand at All Sectors of the Supply Chain Vary, with Prices Continuing to Fall as a Whole, Except for High-efficiency Mono-si

published: 2018-09-20 16:37 | editor: | category: Price Trend

The market trend this week was similar to last week: prices in overseas markets have continued to decline, while prices in the domestic market have decreased according to the capacity utilizationof large and small manufacturers. Multi-si wafer manufacturers have cut production in response to reduced demand, causing prices of upstream multi-si materials to drop slightly, and si-wafer manufacturers have been unable to maintain their prices. For PV cell and module, major manufacturers continued to squeeze small- and medium-sized manufacturers and overseas manufacturers, so the overall price decreased.


Polysilicon orders for October have not yet been finalized, mainly because of inconsistent expectations of subsequent price changes. Price basically remained stable this week. China’s domestic overhaul companies have gradually returned to normal capacity, with supply slightly higher in September than in August. Yet, due to the lack of specific demand support and the decrease of downstream si-wafer production, the price is bound to continue to fall. So far, China’s domestic multi-si material price has slightly declined to RMB81~88/KG, and mono-si material price has remained at RMB90~95/KG. Overseas multi-si material price hasn’t changed much, with the current price of US$10.3-12.3/KGand average price at US$11.5/KG.


This week, due to the uncertain end demand, multi-si wafer manufacturers continued to cut capacity utilization, and prices also continued to drop slowly to RMB2.20-2.27/Pc. Black silicon product price has dropped to RMB2.30/Pc. Mono-si wafer price has remained at RMB2.90-3.25/Pc. In terms of overseas market, mono-si wafer price has remained at US$0.400-0.415/Pc, and multi-si wafer price has decreased to US$0.285-0.297/Pc. Black silicon product price has dropped to US$0.337/Pc.

PV cell

As inventory levels increased owing to the full capacity of China’s first-tier PV cell manufacturers, putting pressure on second- and third-tier manufacturersand Taiwanese manufacturers, and as China’s first-tier manufacturersbegin to compete in Europe and India, their full-load strategy will hit rivals hard.

High-efficiency mono-siPV cell price started to grow slightly because of the demand of the Top Runner Program. So far, China’s domestic general mono-si price has reached RMB0.98-1.06/W, and high-efficiency mono-si price has been RMB1.12-1.18/W. Due to weak demand, general multi-si PV cell price has decreased to RMB0.87-0.94/W. For overseas market, only general mono-si PV cell price has remained at US$0.117-0.138/W. High-efficiency mono-si price has been lowered to US$0.145-0.160/W, with average price of US$0.150/W; multi-si price has also fallen to US$0.107-0.140/W, with average price of US$0.108/W.


Domestic module prices were weak this week, with the exception of high-efficiency mono-si. The business strategy was similar to the PV cell production line: first-tier manufacturersmaintained full capacity, while second- and third-tier manufacturers continued to revise down the operating rate. So far, China’s domestic general multi-si (270-275W) price has remained at RMB1.80-1.90/W, with the average price dropping to RMB1.85/W. High-efficiency multi-si (280-285W) price has been RMB1.85-1.90/W, with the average price dropping to RMB1.88/W. General mono-si (290-295W) price has reached RMB1.83-1.90/W, with the average price dropping to RMB1.89/W. High-efficiency mono-si (300-305W) price has been RMB2.10-2.20/W, with average price of RMB2.15/W.

For overseas market, prices have declined because of the changes in European and Indian policy. In addition, Southeast Asia’s module prices dropped the most. General multi-si price has been US$0.218-0.260/W, with the average price dropping to US$0.225/W. High-efficiency multi-si price has been US$0.223-0.244/W, with the average price dropping to US$0.241/W. General mono-si price has been US$0.247-0.400/W, with the average price dropping to US$0.255/W. High-efficiency mono-si price has stabilized at US$0.265-0.415/W, with average price of US$0.275/W.

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