Price Trend: Overall Supply Chain Is Adjusted to Meet the High Season with the Arrival of China’s National Day Holiday

published: 2018-09-27 17:07 | editor: | category: Price Trend

This week, the overall market was affected by China’s upcoming National Day holiday, and the market was looking forward to the fermentation of high season after the long holiday. Although there was demand for some products, the prices didn’t increase. Besides, the stability of downstream module price in overseas markets is expected to be related to the arrival of China’s National Day holiday. Upstream polysilicon and si-wafer manufacturers have further lowered their productiondue to the arrival of the long holiday. Si-wafer manufacturers reduced capacity utilization to look forward to the stop of price fall. In terms of PV cell and module, the developments varied according to different product categories. The gearing up for mono-si products and the silence for multi-si products reflect the demand of the market for individual products. Perhaps after the long holiday, the situation will be different.


This week, polysilicon price has slightly dropped. The expected price of orders in October was revised downward. In the next two weeks, the price fall is expected to end as inventories of downstreammono-si wafer gradually bottoms out. The domestic companies in China that conducted routine maintenances have gradually returned to normal capacity. The new expansion of capacity in September will gradually reflect the production of October. The expected future price trend will be based on the actual capacity utilization of each plant.

So far, China’s domestic multi-si material price has slightly changed to RMB80-86/KG, and mono-si material price has remained at RMB87-90/KG. Overseas multi-si material price hasn’t changed, with the current price of USD10.3-12.3/KG and average price at USD11.5/KG.


Si-wafer price this week varied according to the extent of demand. Multi-si wafer manufacturers lowered the capacity utilization because of the upcoming long holiday and weak demand. Prices slowly declined. Mono-si wafer manufacturers have not made any changes to their monthly quotations. They have not followed the downward adjustment of multi-si wafer, mainly because the rising demand became more obvious.

So far, mono-si wafer price has remained at RMB2.90-3.25/Pc, and multi-si wafer price has dropped to RMB2.20-2.25/Pc. Black silicon product price has remained at RMB2.30/Pc. Overseas mono-si wafer price has remained at USD0.400-0.415/Pc, and multi-si wafer price has fallen to USD0.284-0.285/Pc. Black silicon product price has remained at USD0.337/Pc.

PV cell

This week, there were two extreme conditions for PV cell price. Multi-si price and demand were still weak. For mono-si, under the influence of China’s domestic demands and Europe’s rising orders, high-priced products have stabilized prices in order to increase.

So far, China’s domestic general mono-si price has reached RMB0.98-1.06/W. High-efficiency mono-si price has been RMB1.12-1.18/W, with conversion efficiency above 21.5%. The PV cell price in accordance with 310W components has been RMB1.11-1.23/W. For multi-si, the general PV cell price has dropped to RMB0.86-0.90/W. Overseas general mono-si price has reached USD0.117-0.138/W, and high-efficiency mono-si price has been lowered to USD0.150-0.160/W, with the average price increasing to USD0.158/W. Multi-si price has also been reduced to USD0.103-0.140/W, with the average price dropping to USD0.104/W.


This week, China’s domestic module price varied according to the performance of different product categories. High-efficiency mono-si (300-305W) and general multi-si (270-275W) were clearly separated. General mono-si (290-295W) price and high-efficiency multi-si (280-285W) price have been close since July and August, yet, this week the gap between them was widened. The rise of general mono-si price resulted in a larger gap, reflecting the variation in demands for different products.

So far, domestic general multi-si price has been RMB1.80~1.92/W, with an unchanged average price. High-efficiency multi-si price has been RMB1.87-2.10/W, with the average price increasing to RMB1.95/W. General mono-si price has reached RMB1.90-2.30/W, with the average price increasing to RMB2.00/W. High-efficiency mono-si price has been RMB2.10-2.20/W, with an unchanged average price. Overseas prices have remained the same: USD0.218-0.260/W for general multi-si price, USD0.223-0.244/W for high-efficiency multi-si price, USD0.247-0.400/W for general mono-si price and USD0.265-0.415/W for high-efficiency mono-si price.

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