Price Trend: Due to China’s National Day Holiday, Market Rebound Is Not Expected until Next Week

published: 2018-10-04 14:12 | editor: | category: Price Trend

This week, due to China’s National Day holiday, there were only overseas prices on the market, and the overall supply chain is not expected to change until next week. Besides, the capacity utilization of China’s upstream multi-si material will determine the adequacy of the overall supply side, while downstream module can only look forward to the expected delivery of orders in Q4.


This week, overseas polysilicon price fell as expected, following last week’s Chinese domestic price decline, with the average price showing a slight decrease. So far, the price has been maintained at USD10.0-12.3/KG, with the average price dropping to USD10.9/KG.


This week, si-wafer prices in Chinese and overseas markets have not changed much, mainly because of China’s National Day holiday and weak demand. Although there were deals, prices have not been affected. Overseas mono-si price has remained at USD0.400-0.405/Pc. Multi-si price has dropped to USD0.284-0.285/Pc. Black silicon product price has remained at USD0.337/Pc.

PV cell

This week, overseas mono-si PV cell price has been slightly revised downwards, and the average price of multi-si PV cell has remained the same, with a smaller interval. So far, overseas general mono-si price has been USD0.117-0.132/W, with the average price decreasing to USD0.130/W. High-efficiency mono-si price has been lowered to USD0.150-0.159/W, with the average price dropping to USD0.155/W. Ultra-high efficiency mono-si (>21.5%) price has remained at above USD0.160/W. Multi-si price has also decreased to USD0.103-0.133/W, with an unchanged average price of USD0.104/W.


China’s National Day holiday has resulted in unchanged prices in the international module market. So far, overseas general multi-si (270W~) price has been USD0.218-0.305/W. High-efficiency multi-si (280W~) price has been USD0.223-0.244/W. General mono-si (290W~) price has been USD0.247-0.400/W. High-efficiency mono-si (300W~) price has been USD0.265-0.415/W.

Notice: Owing to Taiwan’s Double Ten national holiday, the announcement of next time’s price trend will be postponed to October 11.

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