Price Trend

Polysilicon Resumes Inflation Tendency; Centralized PV Projects Expected to Recover by Actuation of Policies

published: 2022-06-02 15:47
Renewable, alternative solar energy, sun-power plant on sky background Polysilicon Polysilicon prices continued to rise this week, with overall mono polysilicon quotations maintaining at roughly RMB 265/kg. Partial businesses started signing for June order this week, and some of them are temporarily out of available products having signed an excessive amount of orders in May under an unabated demand, which has slightly postponed their signing of June orders. ...  more

Heated Bargaining in Cells and Modules amid Excessive Signing of Polysilicon Orders

published: 2022-05-26 13:26
Solar panels producing green, environmentally friendly energy from the sun Polysilicon Polysilicon prices remained sturdy this week, with overall mono polysilicon quotations sitting at roughly RMB 259/kg. Polysilicon businesses have mostly signed their May orders, and a number of them are unable to provide shipment by having signed an excessive level of orders. ...  more