Price Trend

Upstream Module Prices Continue to Surge Marginally as Coronavirus Impacts and Dawdles Industry Chain

published: 2022-04-07 17:25
Polysilicon Polysilicon prices continued to surge marginally this week, with overall mono polysilicon quotations sitting at roughly RMB 249/kg. As recent market intensity persists, most businesses have finished signing for April orders, and only several polysilicon businesses saw excessive volume and concluded transactions for sporadic orders this week that ended up ramping the prices of the product. ...  more

Cells and Modules Sustain Apparent Pressure as Polysilicon and Wafers Continue to Rise Marginally

published: 2022-03-17 16:09
Polysilicon Polysilicon prices had carried on with a minor inflation tendency this week, with overall mono polysilicon quotation sitting at roughly RMB 247/kg. Most polysilicon orders for March have been signed, and this week saw the signing of sporadic orders from partial polysilicon businesses, where the higher concluded prices for these sporadic orders are prolonging the inflation trend of polysilicon prices. ...  more