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TrendForce: Report on Prices of PV Industrial Chain (From June 28th to July 5th 2023)

published: 2023-07-11 16:26

According to the quoted prices of EnergyTrend, a new energy research center under TrendForce, the quoted prices as of July 5, 2023, are as follows: the price of mono recycled polysilicon remained at RMB67 per KG, while the latest price of mono dense polysilicon was RMB65 per KG. The newly-added price of N-type polysilicon increased to RMB75 per kg, which is 2.74% higher than last week’s price of RMB73 per KG. The price of polysilicon outside China is US $21.5 per KG, showing a change of 3.36%.


The quoted price of M10 mono wafer dropped to RMB2.7/pc, a decrease of 3.57%, while its USD price is $0.347/pc. G12 mono wafer dropped from RMB4.2/pc to RMB3.8/pc, marking a decline of 9.52%. Its USD price dropped significantly to $0.47 per piece, showing a decrease of 9.79%. Prices of cells remained stable. The price of M10 mono PERC cell is RMB0.71/W, while its USD price is $0.09/W. The price of G12 mono PERC cell is RMB0.74/W, and its USD price is 0.092/W. The price of M10 mono TOPCon cell RMB is RMB0.79/W. The price of 182mm facial mono PERC module is RMB1.33/W, representing a decrease of 1.48%. 210mm facial mono PERC module is RMB1.35/W, decreased by 1.46%. The latest price of 182mm bifacial glass mono PERC module is RMB1.35/W, slipped by 0.74%. The price of 210mm bifacial glass mono PERC module is RMB1.37/W, with a decrease of 0.72%. The latest price of 2.0mm coated PV glass is RMB18/㎡, whilehe price of 3.2mm coated PV glass is RMB25.5/㎡.

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