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Prices of 182mm P-type Wafer and Cell Rebound Slightly; Overall Industry Chain Prices Stay Stable

published: 2023-07-13 17:30

The prices of polysilicon have maintained stability throughout the week. The mainstream concluded price for mono recharge polysilicon is RMB 67/KG, while mono dense polysilicon is priced at RMB 65/KG. N-type polysilicon is currently priced at RMB 75/KG. On the supply side, some polysilicon enterprises have halted operations or are undergoing maintenance, resulting in a relief of inventory pressure.

As for the demand end, orders for July have been largely secured, leading to relatively low overall turnover of polysilicon this week. The prices of polysilicon are nearing the cost line, and the easing of inventory pressure has made polysilicon enterprises more inclined to support the current prices, thus maintaining price stability. The upcoming operation of N-type cell production capacity in the third quarter will drive the growing demand for N-type polysilicon, which is expected to further widen the price gap between N- and P-type polysilicon.

Wafer prices have experienced a slight rebound this week. The mainstream concluded price for M10 wafer is RMB 2.85/Pc, while G12 wafer is priced at RMB 3.8/Pc. Wafer enterprises have seen an improvement in their operation rates, leading to a gradual increase in wafer supply. However, the procurement increment of cell enterprises on the demand side has been lower than expected. Leading wafer enterprises have raised their quoted prices, prompting other enterprises to follow suit. The price of M10 wafer has rebounded slightly, while the price of G12 wafer has stabilized for the time being. With the continuous rise in wafer inventory and limited increase in downstream demand, it is anticipated that wafer prices may subsequently decline.

Cell prices have experienced slight fluctuations this week. The mainstream concluded price for M10 cell is RMB 0.72/W, while G12 cell is priced at RMB 0.74/W. The price of M10 mono TOPCon cell is RMB 0.79/W. Currently, the overall supply and demand for cells are relatively balanced. On the supply side, cell enterprises are maintaining a high operation rate. On the demand side, some module companies are actively increasing inventory, and the demand for M10 cells is positive and its price increases slightly. The demand for G12 cells and TOPCon cells remains relatively low, contributing to stable prices.

The module prices for this week remain unchanged compared to the previous week. The mainstream concluded price for 182mm facial mono PERC module is RMB 1.33/W, 210mm facial mono PERC module is priced at RMB 1.35/W, 182mm bifacial glass PERC module at RMB 1.35/W, and 210mm bifacial glass PERC module at RMB 1.37/W. Production scheduling of module enterprises has improved, but the overall operation rate has not seen a significant improvement. On the demand side, large-scale projects from customers have not yet commenced, which leaves module purchasing demand uncertain. Recent stabilization in the prices of raw materials upstream has provided support for module costs, resulting in temporary price stability. Overall, the price of the industry chain remains stable, with enterprises eagerly awaiting a new round of customer demand.
Auxiliary Materials:

Glass prices have remained stable this week. The mainstream concluded price for 3.2mm glass is RMB 25.5/㎡, while 2.0mm glass is priced at RMB 18/㎡. There has been an increase in the production capacity of photovoltaic glass due to the operation of new kilns. However, most module enterprises are currently selling their existing inventory, resulting in limited turnover. Therefore, it is expected that glass prices will continue to stabilize in the short term.

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