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Leading Manufacturers Unveil New High-Efficiency PV Cell Technology at Green Energy Expo 2015

published: 2015-04-17 18:00

Green Energy Expo 2015 was officially launched from April 1st to April 3rd in Daegu, Korea. The three-day exhibition attracts more than 300 exhibitors and 40,000 visitors every year. The topics this year is similar to last year, focusing on PV, electric vehicles (EV), energy storage systems (ESS), and wind energy.

Not being considered the highlight of the Expo, while it is observed that the PV manufacturers have been working on the conversion efficiency and the improvement is obvious.

SCHMID Showcases Multi Busbar Technology

SCHMID is a major German equipment company and one of the leading PV equipment manufacturers. Its multi-busbar technology was one of the highlights in the exhibition.

There are fifteen busbars on the high-efficiency modules, using welding wire to lower manufacturing costs. Its unique design of wide plated contact fingers can also improve power stability.

JA Solar Displays 290W 60PCs Modules

JA Solar is the conversion efficiency leader in China. It unveiled 290W 60 PCs mono PERCIUM cells modules (4-busbar) in the exhibition.

Shinsung Unveils 4-Busbar Moni-Si Cells

Shinsung is a well-known Korean company in refrigerators, air conditioners, clean rooms, and automated systems. It challenges the PV industry through its own clean rooms, automated systems, and oversea channels. Currently, Shinsung has both mono-si and multi-si cell production outputs, as well as module production lines for market expansion.

Shinsung showed 4-busbar cells in the exhibition, using wire breakage technology to reduce paste use and lower costs. Shinsung uses high-quality cells to cooperate with tier-one global manufacturers. Hopefully, countries can earn more market shares in the U.S. through working with Korean manufacturers, which are not involved in any of the trade wars so far.

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