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“PV+”: adds limitless possibilities for various industry development

published: 2016-06-20 11:22

What is “PV+”?

As a booming industry, “photovotaic +” (PV+) adds not only new industry forms, but also new hope for industry development and people's life. When we look forward to the future, it’s apparent that PV is the most important renewable energy with limitless market potential. With continuous expansion of China's PV market and innovation, PV+ will undoubtedly become a new hot spot for investment.

Adding new industry forms

Sensible elites in PV industry has devoted to PV industry through continuous innovation of technology and application. PV industry not only ranks global leading position in output and manufacture, but also has distinctive advantages in technology and complete industry chain. It has led a new trend of China’s transboundary development way.

Energy revolution means changing the traditional fossil energy, which is an irreversible trend though the process will not be smooth. PV has always broken industry barriers and displayed infinite possibilities. For example, from PV manufacturing country to world’s first PV installed capacity, from simple equipment to optimize the program and intelligent upgrade, from single new energy power generation to innovation and fishery, agriculture and other transboundary applications, etc.

Continuously breaking industry barriers

The innovation and application of PV + mainly concentrate on three aspects: The first is combination with other industries, like agriculture and fisheries; the second is reusing harsh terrain and environment, such as governance and utilization simultaneously in coal mining area, desert and saline alkali land; the third is multi-function and complementation, like combination of wind and light, water and light, PV power generation and natural gas, biomass power generation, etc.

PV + is bound to be the integration of various technologies. Only by combining PV and other technologies and industries, can we provide more market value, such as combination with power grid theory and micro grid with PV power plants generating capacity is limited and unstable, if combined with other natural gas, wind power, biogas power generation and so on, the effect of energy services can be demonstrated better.

It’s often said that science and technology is the first impetus, but technology cannot play its role significantly without the market. “PV+” is a model to guide market development, a variety of innovative development is expanding the market space whether it is related to combination of agriculture, forestry or schools, hospitals, transportation, etc.

Seeking an excellent platform for PV+

It is proved that PV can be widely used everywhere and combined with a lot of fields with more applications. Adding PV to the Internet, finance and other industries will enable us to make more remarkable achievements. Both PV industry and enterprises are in urgent need of this development model and cooperation to achieve win-win situation. Transboundary cooperation will be the future direction of PV development. Therefore, we have dedicated to establishing an excellent platform for those PV industry enterprises and professionals by effectively gathering all the resources and people’s wisdom.

Welcome to PV Guangzhou 2016!

If you are interested in PV latest products or technology, PV Guangzhou 2016 will be such an excellent platform for you. It will take place in China Import and Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou from September 26th to 28th, 2016. Look forward to your participation sincerely!

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