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Jinko、Trina、GCL、Aiko、NSP Will Attend 3rd PERC Solar Cell Technology and Market Conference 2017 to Discuss PERC Industrialization Progress

published: 2017-05-23 17:07

Grid parity is the key to the sustainable development of photovoltaic (PV) industry, improving PV scale and technological innovation and application can reduce PV cost. Passivated emitter and rear cell (PERC) technology is the most cost-effective way to improve the efficiency of c-Si solar cells in recent years, it has high compatibility with conventional solar cell production line, can effectively enhance the mono-Si and multi-Si cell conversion efficiency with lower production line investment. And the pursuit of high efficiency modules of the market can further enhance the competitiveness of PERC cells.

Another advantage of PERC is that it can be used in conjunction with the cell’s front-side optimized process, such as combined with diamond wire sawing and black silicon technology to further enhance the cost performance of multi-Si cell, or used direct wafer technology to reduce cell costs. In 2016, mainstream solar cell manufacturers have expanded the PERC cell capacity to 15GW by building new or transforming production lines, and the PERC market share is expected to account for more than 35% of the total capacity of c-Si solar cells in 2018.

At the same time, continuing improvement and localization of PERC equipment, as well as the maturity of PERC metallization paste technology, are also conducive to the rapid application of PERC technology, and the mass production efficiency of mono-Si and multi-Si PERC cell can be more than 21% and 20% respectively. However, in order to maintain competitiveness and market share, PERC cells need to further enhance the conversion efficiency and reduce costs, improve yield and commit to solving the problem of light induced degradation (LID).

3rd PERC Solar Cell Technology and Market Conferencewill be held on June 6-7 in Changzhou, Jiangsu.Experts from Bloomberg New Energy Finance, Jinko Solar, Trina Solar, GCL System Integration, NSP, Aiko Solar, E-Ton Solar, CNE, T-SUN, LasFocus, Heraeus, Changzhou Shichuang, Gsolar, Soltrium,HangzhouJingbaowill attend the meeting and make important presentations, to discussPERC industrialization progress.

The conference will arrange for a visit to DZS Solar. DZS Solar locates Economic and Technological Development Zone in Yixingof Jiangsu Province, and is a joint venture invested by Dongfang Electric Corporation, Tianjin Zhonghuan Semiconductor Co Ltd, Sunpower Manufacturing Co Ltd and YixingInnovation Park Technology Development Co Ltd. DZS Solar devotes itself to special manufacture of PV cell and module, currently has 750MW high efficiency PERC cell capacity. By the end of 2017, the company will have more than 1.2GW PERC cell production capacity and 730MW high efficiency overlapped-cell module capacity.

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