BYD and ADL Partner to Establish London’s Frist Large-scale Pure Electric Bus Fleet

BYD Company agreed to collaborate with Alexander Dennis Limited (ADL) to form a new alliance and confirmed a£19 million deal to build London’s first large-scale, zero-emission, single deck bus fleet comprises 51 pure electric bu.. more

BYD Transforms London’s Iconic Double-Decker Buses into Electric-powered

The red, double-decker buses are an iconic image of London. Now, Transportation for London (TFL) contracts with BYD Company to bring the iconic image into the next generation. Brand new, battery electric London double-deckers will start .. more

Nissan and Green Charge Networks to Collaborate for Commercial Energy Storage Featuring Second-Life Electric Vehicle Batteries

Nissan Motor Company and Green Charge Networks, one of the largest providers of commercial energy storage, have teamed up to deploy second-life lithium-ion vehicle batteries for stationary commercial energy storage in the U.S. .. more

Coalitions Agree to Support Electric Vehicle Charging Program in San Diego

Groups of coalition signed an agreement to support San Diego Gas & Electric’s (SDG&E’s) Electric Vehicle Grid-Integration pilot project, which aims to install EV charging infrastructure at up to 550 sites throughout San Diego. The program wil.. more

Nissan’s “No Charge to Charge” Program Arrives in Mile High City

Nissan’s “No Charge to Charge” program arrived Denver area! The program offers new Nissan LEAF buyers two years complimentary public charging with the purchase of the all-electric car from LEAF-certified dealers in the.. more

China Offers Additional Incentives for Beijing EV Customers

The Chinese Government has decided to offer additional incentives for customers who purchase electric vehicles (EVs) in Beijing. Car buyers in Beijing typically have to deal with high costs and restrictions on when they can drive their v.. more

Samsung SDI Battery Systems Opened for Electric Vehicle Market

Samsung SDI has held the opening ceremony to officially commence operations of Samsung SDI Battery Systems (SDIBS) in Graz, Austria. SDIBS targets at future demand to batteries using for electric/hybrid vehicles and plug-in hybrid cars, which are forecasted .. more