4th China International New Energy Vehicle Forum

Building on the massive success of the past 3 new energy vehicles programs that has generated huge success by attracting 800+ industry players, and intriguing great enthusiasm and pursuit of China’s electric vehicle market, the 4th China International New Energy Ve.. more

An Electric Motorcycle Weirdo Propeled by Battery

Aside from eco-friendly concept, some designers tend to invent products to reflect their inspiration. An electric motorcycle made by Johammer is a good example of this. Photo Credit: Johammer Weird.com introduces a special-de.. more

4th China International New Energy Vechicles Forum 2014

Website: http://www.ourpolaris.com/nev4/index.asp more

First Zero-Emissions All-Electric Bus from BYD Launches in Rio de Janeiro

Fetranspor and Rio Bus, the public transportation companies for the state and city of Rio, and BYD, a Chinese company with advanced technologies on batteries and electric vehicles, joined together at the opening ceremonies for the launch of the BYD 100% electric bus th.. more

BYD Announces “QIN” as China’s Q1-2014 Best-Selling Electric Vehicle

BYD’s second-generation Dual-Mode, Plug-in Hybrid Electric sedan, the QIN (pronounced “cheen”), has set a second record month of sales in February. Trends in March now make it “China’s Best-Selling Electric Vehicle” according.. more

Ford, GE WattStation Chargers Support Employee Electric Vehicle Charging Network

Ford Motor Company in conjunction with GE, will supply vehicle charging stations at Ford facilities nationwide, beginning with facilities in and around its headquarters. Ford will begin installing GE WattStation™ charging stations across its North American camp.. more

First Pure-Electric Bus from BYD Pilots in Turkish Market

This week Mayor Mileh Gökçek of the Turkish capital – Ankara addressed the media and citizens of his city during a ceremony celebrating the launch of an electrified transportation pilot program with BYD. The trial in Ankara is only the latest in a se.. more