BRABUS, Boston-Power and Protean Electric Team to Deliver High Performance EV

published: 2011-09-15 15:42 | category: News

Boston-Power, Inc.and Protean Electricannounced that the companies are working together to provide the lithium-ion battery systems and electric in wheel motor solutions for two new advanced BRABUSvehicles based on the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. BRABUS, the largest independent automobile tuner in the world and manufacturer of exclusive high-performance automobiles, unveiled the new high style, high performance vehicles at the Frankfurt Auto Show.   

The first BRABUS sedan based on the Mercedes-Benz E-Class is called the “Four-wheel-drive Full Electric”. It features an all-new EV system developed to demonstrate a peak combined 320 kW and 2,350 ft.-lbs. (3,200 Nm) torque from pure electric power using four direct-drive Protean Electric motors, one in each wheel.   

A second BRABUS sedan based on the Mercedes-Benz E-Class has been developed with a hybrid drive system called the “Technology Project Hybrid.” Powering the rear wheels in combination with the internal combustion engine, the Protean Electric in-wheel motors each can add 110 HP (80Kw) and 590 ft.-lbs. (800 nm) of peak torque. This gives the sedan a combined electric motor and internal combustion engine acceleration of 0-62 mph (0-100 km/hr) in 7.4 seconds and a combined electric motor and internal combustion engine acceleration of 37-75 mph (60-120 km/hr) of 5.6 seconds. 

Boston-Power is an internationally recognized provider of lithium-ion battery cells, blocks, modules and complete rechargeable energy storage systems (RESS) for the automotive industry. The company’s products offer industry-leading capabilities in energy density, cycle and calendar life, operating temperature range, safety and environmental sustainability for electric transportation.

Protean Electric is a leading clean technology company that designs, develops and manufactures the Protean Drive™, a fully integrated, in-wheel motor, direct-drive solution. Each motor has a built-in inverter, control electronics and software, delivering a practical way to electrify full-size vehicles.

According to Pike Research, the market for EVs is expected to grow to nearly $8 billion by 2015. Rising gas prices, increased oil dependence, and a growing desire for zero-emission vehicles are driving consumer change and buying behaviors.

“EVs must meet or exceed the expectations that luxury car buyers have for gas-powered vehicles,” said Per Önnerud, chief technology officer, Boston-Power, Inc. “BRABUS is internationally recognized for the quality and performance of its vehicles. We’re pleased that we’re working with such an innovative company in showcasing the kind of performance our Swing battery system can deliver in a full EV.”

“We’re pleased to work with BRABUS to demonstrate what Protean’s EV and hybrid power can deliver to the world’s most discerning automotive customers,” said Protean Electric CEO, Bob Purcell. “Our in-wheel motors not only provide for significant performance improvement, but do so in a very responsible manner – with better fuel economy and emissions as well.” 

The combination of Boston-Power and Protean Electric products offers an unparalleled long-range electric drive experience that delivers class leading onboard energy, superior power and torque density and easy integration and retro-fit capability for existing models. This greatly enables commercial viability for high performance passenger cars like the BRABUS Four-wheel-drive Full Electric and the Technology Project Hybridvehicles based on the Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

The BRABUS Four-wheel-drive Full Electric car will represent the debut of Boston-Power’s 1.2kWh liquid-cooled module, Swing Medley™. Ideally suited for EV/PHEV OEMs who base their designs on liquid-cooled battery solutions to fuel high performance, higher power commercial vehicles or premium performance vehicles, Swing Medley shares the same benchmark-setting capabilities as Boston-Power’s portfolio of air-cooled battery systems. These include:

  • Leading energy density with over 50% more usable energy density by volume and over 45% more by weight compared to the industry;
  • 10 year reliable calendar life at high recharge acceptance;
  • Industry leading operating temperature range down to -40C (discharge);
  • Unparalleled system safety at the cell, block, module and system level; and
  • Cost-effective thermal management through integrated liquid or air cooling channels.

The BRABUS Four-wheel-drive Full Electric also features Protean Electric’s Protean Drive™ system. Protean’s in-wheel motors have very high torque and power density compared to many of today’s leading electric propulsion systems due to their unique direct drive design. They are powerful enough to be the only source of traction drive for a variety of battery electric vehicles, and can also be added to a FWD or RWD car or truck with an internal combustion engine drivetrain, creating a hybrid configuration. The in-wheel motors can provide fully independent regenerative braking and torque control for superior vehicle handling and safety.

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