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Vestas Sailrocket 2 Moves Close to World Speed Sailing Record

published: 2011-10-25 15:05

The Vestas Sailrocket 2 is on a mission in pursuit of the Outright Speed Sailing Record. It is the second generation of the Sailrocket speed sailing boat, and is designed to be better, safer and faster than the previous.

The current world record is 55.65 knots but from mid-November the Sailrocket 2 will try to move the record to a whole new level.
On 19 October the Sailrocket 2 took yet another step in the pursuit of the world record in speed sailing. In her first 500 m run, the boat stormed over the water with the astonishing speed of 54 knots, equivalent to 100 kmh or 62.14 mph. The high speed was reached on a day with high winds and gusts around 30 knots, equalling 55 kmh or 34.52 mph.

The fact that the speed was reached with two persons in the boat makes it even more impressive, says passionate pilot and project leader, Paul Larsen. 

“It was the first time we had ever taken a second person down the course. Even I didn’t expect to go that fast. It is the fastest I have ever been myself. It was great. I believe that with a little basic modifications, and one less person, we could have hit 60 knots already today,” he says.   

World record attempt from mid-November

According to Paul Larsen the Sailrocket 2 will only get faster from here on. The boat has been increasing pace faster than the team behind has been able to digest.

“The progress has been so rapid that we barely have had time to digest one set of data before the boat has jumped further up the speed sailing ladder. I am more confident than ever that the world record is within our grasp,” he says.

Based on the recent performances a ratified world record attempt has been booked. The attempt window will open in mid-November and lasts for a month. This still gives the team a few weeks to improve the performance of the Sailrocket 2 even more before going for the record.

“These are exciting times. I am continually impressed by how well the boat is behaving overall. If the current rate of progress continues then we have no plans to stop at 60 knots. We will know a lot more about our chances in the coming weeks.”

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