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Carmanah M800 Series Sets New Standard for Solar LED Marine Lantern Performance

published: 2013-05-29 12:01
Carmanah Technologies announces today the launch of a new generation of high-performance solar LED marine lantern. The M800 Series combines a robust composite material construction and innovative optical design to deliver higher intensities and longer ranges at an optimal cost. New low earth orbit satellite monitoring capabilities also offer end users the ability to remotely monitor the health status and geoposition of an M800 lantern at virtually any installation location around the globe. Advanced orders for the new M800 series lanterns have already been received.
The M800 Series is available in two models: the M860 and M850. With peak intensity of up to 475 candela (as defined by the International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities `IALA`) and a maximum range of 10 NM, the new model M860 lantern is the brightest, longest range self-contained solar LED lantern on the market in its class. The smaller format M850 offers customers a cost-optimized solution in moderate to high insolation regions with over 7.5 NM maximum range and 387 peak candela.
Building on the legacy of the popular Carmanah M700 Series, the M800 Series lanterns are designed for long life in harsh maritime environments and combine Carmanah's signature energy management technology and robust designs with multiple new user-friendly features. These include: a new energy-saving programmable calendar (for automatically de-activating and re-activating lanterns for seasonal requirements), an easy-read "tap-to-activate" top-mounted user interface, multiple cost-effective battery pack options and multiple lens options to suit fixed or floating applications. Innovations in material design also offer clients a lantern that is up to 40% lighter than the previous generation M700 Series products.
As an environmentally responsible alternative, the solar-LED M800 Series marine lanterns are assembled with safe, recyclable materials in strict accordance with the European Union's guidelines for the Restriction of Hazardous Substances in electronic equipment (RoHS).
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