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Gehrlicher Solar America Corporation and tenKsolar Announce Strategic Alliance

published: 2013-07-09 9:41

Gehrlicher Solar America Corporation and tenKsolar, Inc. announced a strategic alliance to deliver tenKsolar’s RAIS XT solution to Gehrlicher Solar’s customers in commercial and government market segments. The alliance combines tenKsolar’s high performance solar energy system technology with Gehrlicher Solar’s leading international photovoltaic experience, resulting in a competitive advantage in select market segments. tenKsolar’s RAIS XT solar photovoltaic (PV) system generates on average 20% more kilowatt hours per watt peak of system capacity installed and delivers the highest energy density compared to conventional fixed tilt solar PV systems in many applications. RAIS XT employs commercially available off-the-shelf components and conventional silicon solar cells in a highly engineered and patented tenKsolar PV module and PV system design. RAIS PV systems have been installed in over 180 projects around the world with performance data achieving expected energy output.

“With a constantly evolving solar market place, we continually strive for competitive advantage through innovation both in-house and with partners. After substantial vetting of the technology, we believe tenKsolar product provides this advantage for Gehrlicher, our close stable of customers and project finance affiliates”, commented Jerry Shinn, Chief Operating Officer of Gehrlicher Solar America Corp. “In particular applications, tenKsolar’s RAIS XT system gives our customers more energy and better reliability at a highly competitive price resulting in an accelerated return on investment.”

tenKsolar’s VP in business development, Bill Simons noted, “The increased efficiency of tenKsolar’s PV system creates a solid business case for projects that were previously ‘out of the money’ with conventional rooftop solar,” continued Simons, “Gehrlicher Solar’s vast experience in photovoltaics allows them to efficiently capture the value of tenKsolar’s maximum energy density, safety and reliability in solar project finance models, especially commercial solar system lease programs.”

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