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Solar Panel “Wysips” Developed by SunPartner Helps Charging Mobile Devices Anytime

published: 2014-01-28 18:26
Working with 3M, SunPartner, a U.S. based company, is developing a transparent solar panel called “Wysips” to charge mobile devices when exposed to light. This transparent panel can be embedded into smartphone touchscreen and can be connected to the Li-Fi as well.
Wysips can be applied to all kinds of mobile devices with flat screens such as smartphones, tablets, e-readers and smart watches. This ultra-thin, transparent panel can generate solar power under natural or artificial light without blocking the screen. It may provide around 15% extra power to a normal-sized smartphone. When it comes to E-Ink readers and smart watches, which consume the lowest power in all kinds of mobile devices, it’s possible to charge them mostly through Wysips.
In addition, Wysips can also receive Li-Fi digital signal, a high-speed wireless network transmitted through light. Picture this: you can download a short clip or coupon by simply pointing your smartphone Wysips to an illuminated signboard. It may cost only around US $3 to install the solar charger on one smartphone and we might see them in the market next year.
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