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Atom-thin PV Cell Made from WSe2 Is Announced in Vienna

published: 2014-03-17 15:53

Researchers at Vienna University of Technology announced that they have successfully developed the thinnest ever PV cell that is made from WSe2. This new material is promising of producing high-efficient PV cells.

The chemical compound of WSe2 is constituted by two layers of selenium atoms and one central layer of tungsten atoms. The material is so thin that 95% of light can pass through it. The tungsten layer can absorb the other 5% of the light and hence create electrical power, making this kind of PV cell become highly efficient.

The research team thinks these ultrathin PV cells can be used to cover on buildings to generate power without intervening sunlight. They also believe that this material will soon become popular although they can’t give a clear schedule.


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