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Sharp to Plan Global Energy Solutions for Rescuing Lowered Demand in Japan

published: 2015-02-05 18:24

Sharp is aiming to come up with global energy solutions. It indicated that it will put more efforts in restructuring its energy solution department, including PV module and sales businesses.

In the third quarter of 2014, Sharp’s energy solution department earned sales revenue of US$ 453.7 million, a 27.4% drop from the previous quarter. The sales volume of its PV cells was 349MW, a 35.1% dip compared to last quarter’s 537MW. The total loss reached US$14 million mainly because of the decline in PV cell revenue. Meanwhile, Sharp’s decision on selling Recurrent Energy and weak sales momentum in Japan’s residential and commercial PV business led to a 29% decline YoY in the sales revenue of Sharp’s energy solution department within the first nine months of 2014 (around US$1.67 billion).

In order to rescue the decreased demand in Japan, Sharp decides to expand its PV business to the globe once again. On the other hand, Sharp is planning to revise the sales of its energy solution department down to $ 2.38 billion. The target shipment for PV cell in the entire year has changed to 1.9GW, rather than 2.0GW set before.

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