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Saft batteries provide critical backup to Crim Sales & Engineering for utilities

published: 2015-04-02 11:56

Saft has been awarded a contract by Crim Sales & Engineering, Inc. Under the contract, Saft has already delivered nearly 30 lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery systems to provide traditional power generating units deployed at a major Southeast utility with critical backup for process controls.

Crim Sales & Engineering was the first United States Standby customer to utilize Saft’s battery technology, Intensium®Flex, in their AC/DC UPS power supply. This specific power supply was custom designed with Saft’s battery solution for a major Southeast Utility. The Intensium®Flex range of Li-ion solutions for industry offers utility end users significant advantages including internal continuous monitoring.

Saft’s intelligent Intensium®Flex Li-ion battery technology based on proven Synerion® modules will produce a highly reliable modular AC/DC power supply. These batteries allow operating and alarm parameters to be continuously monitored. The Intensium®Flex system provides increased efficiency by decreasing installation, start-up and operating costs as well as minimizing the amount of necessary preventive maintenance.

The Intensium®Flex battery technology, delivered by Saft, will provide a nominal voltage of 125 Vdc backup power for a mix of AC and DC loads. The system has a total nominal power rating of 7.5 kW in two-hour modular backup increments and has an energy content of 15 kWh.

Each Saft Intensium®Flex system is equipped with two parallel strings, each comprised of five modules in series with a battery management module (BMM). The entire battery is managed by a master battery management module (MBMM). The battery utilizes Crim Sales & Engineering’s advanced switch mode power conversion system to back up a major Southeast Utility’s AC and DC loads.

“The agreement with Crim Sales & Engineering highlights a continued demand for Saft’s Intensium®Flex technology as a reliable and efficient solution for utility customers. The Saft Intensium®Flex solution provides a system with 3X the energy density requiring 1/3 the space allowing the critical scrubbers to continue operating for longer periods than traditional battery technology,” said John Adeimy, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Saft America, Inc.

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