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Mississippi Power Aims to File Over 100MW of Solar Portfolio

published: 2015-05-05 10:50

Mississippi Power and Origis Energy has teamed up for expanding its renewable generation portfolio. The two partners are planning to develop a 52MW solar project in Mississippi, which is currently pending approval by the Mississippi Public Service Commission. With the approval, Mississippi Power’s solar portfolio would surpass 100MW.

If approved by the Mississippi Public Service Commission, the 52MW project is expected to start commercial operation near the end of 2016. Aside from this project, the company is partnering with Strata Solar on a 50MW solar generation station located in Hattiesburg, and with the U.S. Mavy and Hannah Solar on a 3~4MW solar facility at the Naval Construction Battalion Center in Gulfport. (click for related post) Combined at 105 MW, these projects would represent the largest solar installations in Mississippi.

"Adding a third renewable project continues the company's commitment to having a diverse generation portfolio to help keep rates affordable for our customers," said President and CEO Ed Holland. "This cost-effective, utility-scale solar energy project once again places the company at the forefront of the state's energy economy."

Mississippi Power will receive all of the energy and associated renewable energy credits generated by these projects, which it may use to serve its customers with renewable energy, use for future renewable energy programs, or sell at wholesale to third parties.

As an intermittent energy resource, the solar facilities will not replace Mississippi Power's generating plants, but will have the capability to provide energy that will help diversify the company's generation portfolio.

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