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Tigo to Supply Hansol Technics with its TS4 Smart Module Platform

published: 2015-09-21 14:49

Tigo Energy and Hansol Technics have entered into a TS4 smart module platform supply agreement. Hansol Technics is a Korean electronic manufacturer focusing on LED Ingot/wafers, inverters and solar modules. By utilizing Tigo’s Predictive IV (PIV) technoloy, Hansol expects offering solar modules with higher efficiency to its customers.

“We are working closely with Tigo to provide our customers technology that is both cost-effective and highly efficient,” said Charlie Lee, Senior Director of Global Sales and Marketing at Hansol. “Integrating TS4 into our PV modules is the first step in building a lasting Hansol-Tigo partnership and we look forward to further expanding the relationship to feature Tigo-integrated inverters and energy storage systems in the future.”

Tigo’s PIV technology helps maximize solar energy harvest at minimal cost. The five TS4 platform functionalities offered by Tigo include: Diodes, Safety, Monitoring, Optimization and Long Strings.

Hansol now shares over 25% of the Korean market, while Tigo’s solution is expected to drive the market share further, pointed out Hansol.

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