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Panasonic Powers El Salvador Rooftop System with 25.6% Efficiency PV Cells

published: 2015-10-08 18:21

Panasonic has established a 2.5MW rooftop solar PV system atop Grupo Simán, a Central America’s company. The system utilizes solar PV cells with 25.6% conversion efficiency, and is estimated to generate up to 11,000kWh of clean electricity per day.

The 2.5MW rooftop system is comprised of three 500kW systems and one 1MW system. The three 500kW systems are newly added after Grupo Simán successfully bided the capacity from the El Salvador government. Part of the electricity generated from the system will be sold to the power company owned by the nation, while the other part will be sold to one of the group companies through a direct PPA energy contract.

 “The advantage of having it,” said Eng. David Calderon Jr. the “El Angel” Project Manager, “is that we can accurately see the failures that the system generates in any of the 99 inverters or in any of the 10,019 panels that have been installed on our roofs.”

Panasonic also offers services from design, construction, equipments supply to O&M in the future.

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