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Green America Calls US to Lead Global Governmental Action at COP21

published: 2015-12-01 13:40

As world leaders arrive for the Paris climate negotiations, Green America, a U.S. green economy organization, is urging U.S. and global leaders to take meaningful action to fight climate change. The negotiations should address the most important energy issues of our time, including the rapid move away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy sources. 

Green America points to positive steps already made, including the growth of the divest-invest movement nationally and globally, the U.S.'s movement toward 1 million solar rooftops, progress being made to create a 100% clean energy grid, and the U.S. EPA's Clean Power Plan.

"We're seeing some progress, but much more is needed especially as energy needs expand," said Fran Teplitz, Green America's executive co-director for Business, Investing & Policy. "The U.N. negotiations provide a crucial platform as urgency builds, and we cannot allow this opportunity for international governmental collaboration to slip away. The world needs a signed, meaningful agreement on climate solutions."

Green America urges the global community to prevent an increase in global temperature above two degrees Celsius; to keep 80 percent or more of fossil fuels in the ground; and to support financing mechanisms that promote the renewable energy sector. To strengthen the renewable energy sector In the U.S., Green America has championed the Clean Energy Victory Bond. This proposed Treasury bond would support clean energy development, energy efficiency, and the creation of more than a million domestic jobs.

"The time has come for commitments to deep cuts in greenhouse gas emissions, massive investment in renewables and energy efficiency, and support for countries bearing the brunt of climate change's impacts," says Elizabeth O'Connell, Green America, consumer campaigns director.

"Paris won't be the end," said Todd Larsen, Green America's executive co-director for Consumer and Corporate Engagement. "Even if significant progress is made, there will still be an urgent need for ongoing pressure, innovation, leadership and partnership for a new clean energy economy that respects people and the planet."

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